Welcome to the ZX Spectrum Reviews website. The purpose of this site is to retain in ASCII format the review text from the major Sinclair magazines of the 8-bit era in a format that (eventually) any developer will be able to request via a simple Webservice.

To dive straight into the database, simply click on the Search link above and enter some criteria!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Speccy development community as a whole with their invaluable resources. If you're interested in anything Speccy-wise, I'd advise you to check out the following sites:

World of Spectrum

The World Of Spectrum site is THE site on the internet for anything Speccy related. The original hoster, Martijn van der Heide, did an incredible job attempting to preserve just about everything to do with Sinclair/The Speccy. If you want to know something about the Spectrum, WOS should always be your first point of call.

Crash Online

Crash Online is a site dedicated to the famous Speccy magazine of the 80's and 90's. It was (in my opinion) the greatest of the Speccy magazines, and one of the reasons why I focused on getting the Crash reviews into the database first. During the first days of creating the database, Crash Online was always my first point of call for copying and pasting the review text as I did not own the magazines, to which I am eternally grateful to Matthew. However, since the Crash scans (see below) appeared, I've been able to OCR all of the review pages instead. Needless to say, Crash Online has a great many reviews already and they are much more lovingly formatted than those you will find here!!!

The Your Sinclair Rock 'n' Roll Years

A massive resource of Your Sinclair material that, like Crash Online, has more lovingly formatted reviews than you will find here! YSRNRY has been online for close to 20 years (if memory serves me) and is an absolute must if YS was your favourite Speccy mag.I'm sad to report that YSRNY is no longer with us as Nick has apparently left the Speccy scene altogether. YSRNRY will be missed.

Mort's Magazine Scans

I owe Mort an enormous debt of gratitude for having the time and patience to scan every single page of Crash and flog them on a few CD's. The database this site runs off would be nowhere near as approaching completion if it were not for Mort's hard work. Yes, the scans are available from WOS to download (subject to FTP usage rules) but I would encourage anyone who's interested to give Mort some cash for his tireless work.

Retro PDF's

Another person I owe an enormous debt of gratitude is Ken D who has done a sterling job of consolidating all of the disparate sources of mag scans across the internet, OCRing them into PDF's and creating the torrent files to download. They have been a massive help, particularly the OCR results of the earlier Sinclair User issues, to get results quickly into the ZXSR database. Cheers Ken!