ZX Spectrum Reviews

Welcome to the ZXSR REST API.

Getting started

The ZXSR site has now changed from a traditional website into a REST API that any developer can plug into. Eventually the site may be converted back into a traditional site, as it was pre-2018, but this will not happen for the forseeable future. The REST API will always remain in place regardless.

To get started is very straightforward. The API accepts Infoseek ID's only, which do not have to be formatted with leading zeros, and will return some basic details of the title along with all reviews currently allocated to it. For example, to search for Knight Lore, which is Infoseek ID 0009366 simply use the URL:


And dependent on your flavour of browser the above link will return in either XML or JSON. Using the same URL in Postman will return JSON.

There is some API documentation available here.

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