Derek Brewster
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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It has been released on a budget label 1 times.


Left: 6 Right: 7 Up: 8 Down: 9 Fire: 0 Accelerate: 2 Decelerate: 1 Decelerate Full/Accelerate Full Toggle: 3 Full Speed: 5 (not available with cursor joysticks) Warp Drive: W Shields On/Off: D Tracker: A Transmit Subspace: T Front View: F Rear View: R Long Range Scan: L Sector Scan: S Solar Chart: C

1984 Crash Readers Awards

2nd - Best Shoot Emp Up 1984 Crash Readers Awards.

Review in Sinclair User Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics. Position 12 out of 50.

'A space adventure and strategy game which can only be described as a souped-up version of Star Trek, a game made famous on large mainframe machines. You take the part of either a space cadet or a commander in charge of fleets of battle cruisers scattered throughout the galaxy. The object is to defeat the Myons who are destroying all the planets within the Earths Solar System. You must stop them through remote control of ships in other systems and first-hand combat acheieved by going through star gates into another part of the galaxy. The 3D effects which show the space cruiser moving through space are created using only 2.5K of code.'