Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Front View/Launch: 1 Back View/Buy: 2 Left View/Sell: 3 Right View/Equip: 4 Escape Pod: Q Energy Bomb: W ECM: E Find Planet: R Fire Missile: F Target: T Unarm: U Galactic Chart: I Local Chart: O Data on System: P Fire Laser: A Dive/Cursor Up: S Climb/Cursor Down: X Anti-Clockwise Roll/Cursor Left: N Clockwise Roll/Right: M Distance: D Hyperspace/Intergalactic Spacejump: H Torus Jump Drive: J Prices: K Status: L Inventory: ENTER Freeze: CAPS SHIFT Docking Computer: C Home Cursor: B Save/Decelerate: SYMBOL SHIFT Continue/Accelerate: BREAK

1985 Crash Readers Awards

1st - Best Game Overall 1985 Crash Readers Awards.
3rd - Best Shoot Em Up 1985 Crash Readers Awards.
2nd - Best Flight Simulation 1985 Crash Readers Awards.
2nd - State Of The Art Award 1985 Crash Readers Awards.
Used the ill-fated Lenslock.