Matthew Smith
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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The authors of this software are credited with 6 other titles.


The publishers of this software are credited with 40 other titles.


It has been released on a budget label 0 times.


Famously moved onto Software Projects label after Matthew Smith left Bug-Byte through a legal loophole.

Probably the most famous Speccy game of all time.

Re-released on budget for £2.99 by M.A.D.

Sam Coupe version available.

Appeared in Computer and Videogames greatest 100 games off all time at position 100 in January 2000. Criminally, this was the only Speccy game in the entire list. Though this is probably due entirely to the fact that readers provided the votes and the average age of a C&VG reader is probably around 12 to 18 who wouldn't know a Speccy even if it bit them on the backside.

Sinclair User Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics - 3/50

The all-time classic of arcade games on the Spectrum. Written by Matthew Smith, originally for Bug-Byte, it proved to be the ultimate in ladder and level games, and has caused an influx of lookalike software from other companies. Your aim is get through as many wierd and wonderful screens as possible to collect keys to the mine in which Willy works. You must escape from mechanical penguins, mutant toilets, poisonous pansies and mining robots. At the end you can access a special scree of evil goodies which will finish off any miner.