Sport: Action
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Redfinable Keys

1984 Crash Readers Awards

2nd - Best Simulation 1984 Crash Readers Awards.

Review in Sinclair User Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics. Position 8 out of 50.
'The only game which comes close to a simulation of centre court activity at Wimbledon. The game can be enjoyed by two human players or by one player against the computer. Its three levels of difficulty ensure the participants can warm up with a first round session and then let of steam with a final. Its most impressive attribute is the detail with which the court is displayed, right down to the balls shadow. Movement of the players and ball is smooth and fast and the action so realistic that you can use your racket to put some spin on the ball.'


Appeared on They Sold A Millon 2 compilation. Other games included Bruce Lee, Match Day and Knight Lore.