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ZX Spectrum 48K

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DROID Forward: Q Turn Around: A Fire: M SKYWATCH Up: Q Down: A Left: O Right: P Fire: M Fast Scan: N Skywatch Mode: S Drioid Mode: D

Sinclair User Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics - 10/50

An unusual combination of land management and arcade action coupled with superb graphics made Psytron on of the finest games of 1984. You control an intelligent computer system defending a space colony from attack. Action takes place on ten screens simultaneously and at a number of levels. As you work your way through the game planning becomes necessary as you must conserve your crew numbers, and organise supplies to vital areas in between zapping the invaders. Psytron also features a window for scrolling status reports and some of the most breathtaking background pictures of any arcade or adventure game.'


Appeared on 10 Mega Hits copmpilation from Beau-Jolly for £19.95. Other games were: 3D Starstrike, Blue Thunder, Son of Blagger, Automania, Bugaboo the Flea, Wheelie, The Fall Guy, Blade Alley and Penetrator.