Melbourne House
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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It has been released on a budget label 0 times.

1984 Crash Readers Awards

2nd - Best Text/Graphical Adventure 1984 Crash Readers Awards.

Review in Sinclair User Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics. Position 24 out of 50.

'The succesor to the number one classic, The Hobbit. The game was released after eighteen months of development, six months later than expected. Drawing heavily on the concepts of Inglish and character interaction pioneered in the earlier game, Sherlock takes things further by introducing a wide variety of characters and increased sophistication of commands. The game requires you to unravel a typically intricate mystery complete with plenty of incident detail to create an atmosphere faithful to the original Sherlock Holmes stories. Despite poor graphics the game is tremendous fun and sure to gain a permanent place in the hearts of adventure gamers.'