Your Spectrum Issue 01, January 1984

Airliner, Bugaboo the Flea, Chequered Flag, Escape-MCP, Galactic Abductors, Galactic Abductors, Gridrunner, Manic Miner, Missile Defence, Missile Defence, Quackers, Race Fun, Slap Dab, Smuggler's Cove, Strategy, 3D, Traxx, Velnor's Lair, Wild West Hero, Wild West Hero, Woods of Winter, The, Xadom

Your Spectrum Issue 02, March 1984

Alien Swoop + Domain, Apocalypse Expansion Volume 1, Apple Jam, Barreldrop, Brain Damage, Crypt, The, Doomsday Castle, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll + Tomb of Dracula, The, McKensie, Mr. Wimpy, Paintbox, Pat the Postman, Robber, Special Agent, Spectrum Safari, Urban Upstart, Xark

Your Spectrum Issue 03, May 1984

1984, Adventure 1, Alchemist, Cavern Fighter, Dinky Digger, Fred, House of the Living Dead, Hunchback, Jumbly, Magic Meanies, Naanas, Nightflite II, Oh Mummy, Pi-Eyed, Pinball, Robot Riot, Skull, Snooker, Spectron, Supersnails, Xanagrams

Your Spectrum Issue 04, June 1984

Adventures of St. Bernard, The, Ballooning, Bear Bovver, Car Journey, Devil Rides In, The, Dragonsbane, Eskimo Eddie, Ghost Town, Hard Cheese, Killer Knight, Labyrinth, Micro Drivin', Oligopoly, Rider, Seiddab Attack, 3D, War 70

Your Spectrum Issue 05, July 1984

Arcturus, Atlas Assignment, The, Bubble Trouble, Caesar the Cat, Colditz, Fantasia Diamond, Knight Driver, Millypede, Night Gunner, Olympimania, Orion, Pedro, Star Wars, 3D, Two-Gun Turtle, Zig Zag

Your Spectrum Issue 06, August 1984

Ad Astra, Apollo 11, Castle Blackstar, Defenda, Defusion + Worms, Defusion + Worms, Disco Dan, Glug Glug, Grid-Bug, Infernal Combustion, Laserwarp, Moon Buggy, Mummy! Mummy!, Sorcery, Specgraf, They Say the World Will Die in Fire and Ice, Trashman, Trom

Your Spectrum Issue 07, September 1984

Antics, Bat Attack, 3D, Buffer Adventure, Carnival, Fall of Rome, The, Kosmik Pirate, Metagalactic Llamas: Battle at the Edge of Time, Millionaire, Ms. Pac-Man, Psi-Spy, Psytron, Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes, Tank Trax + Bullseye

Your Spectrum Issue 08, October 1984

Beaky and the Egg Snatchers, CAD - Computer Aided Designer, Cavelon, Clever Clogs - Star Trucker, Dartz, Drawmaster, Dungeon Builder, The, Les Flics, Melbourne Draw, Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry, Mugsy, Paintbox, Space Command, Spoof, Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz, T.L.L., Temple of Vran, Turbo Chess, Worse Things Happen at Sea

Your Spectrum Issue 09, November 1984

Astronut, Automania, B.C. Bill, Crusoe, Frank N Stein, Full Throttle, Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies, Hyperblaster, Lords of Midnight, The, Madhatter, Perils of Bear George, Pi-In'Ere, River Raid, Sherlock, Terrahawks, Wanted: Monty Mole, Whodunnit + Alcatraz Harry

Your Spectrum Issue 10, December 1984

Adventure F: Eye of Bain, Beach-Head, Beatcha, Braxx Bluff, Combat Lynx, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Delta Wing, Deus Ex Machina, Dragonfire, Enduro, Eureka!, H.E.R.O., Hampstead, Hustler, Hyperaction, Kentilla, Kokotoni Wilf, Peter Pan, Prize, The, Psytraxx, Pyjamarama, Trouble Brewin, Zenji

Your Spectrum Issue 11, February 1985

All or Nothing, Battlezone, Chinese Juggler, Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, Dark Star, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Flip Flap, Fred's Fan Factory, Freex, Jasper!, Kung-Fu, Noah, Sir Lancelot, Tir Na Nog, Turmoil, Underwurlde, Valkyrie 17, Zombie Zombie

Your Spectrum Issue 12, March 1985

Air Traffic Control, Beamrider, Booty, Bridge Player 2, Doomdark's Revenge, Ghostbusters, Ghoulies, Knight Lore, Match Day, Melodian, Ms. Pac-Man, Music Maker, Music Maker, Mutant Monty and the Temple of Doom, New Cylon Attack, Play, Type and Transpose, Skool Daze, Son of Blagger, Spectune, Starstrike, 3D, Strontium Dog: The Killing, Witch's Cauldron, The, Word Games with the Mr. Men

Your Spectrum Issue 13, April 1985

Airwolf, Alien, Blue Max, Brian Bloodaxe, Bristles, Buggy Blast, Curse of the Seven Faces, Cyclone, Galaxian, Gift From the Gods, Great Space Race, The, Hellfire, Heroes of Karn, Hunchback II, Learning with Leeper, Pole Position, Sky Ranger, System 15000

Your Spectrum Issue 14, May 1985

Alien 8, Attack of the Empire, Bruce Lee, Emerald Isle, Halaga, Illustrator, The, Moon Cresta, Project Future, Psychedelia, Raid over Moscow, Sam Stoat Safebreaker, Stay Kool, Subterranean Stryker, Technician Ted, Toy Bizarre, Viking Raiders, Wizard's Lair, Wriggler

Your Spectrum Issue 15, June 1985

Artist, The, Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge, Bug-Eyes, Day in the Life, A, Death Star Interceptor, Dragontorc, Dukes of Hazzard, The, Fantastic Voyage, Finders Keepers, Formula One, Grand National, Gremlins, Leonardo, Light Magic, Mighty Magus, Paint Plus, Ski Star 2000, Spy Hunter, Starion, World Series Baseball

Your Spectrum Issue 16, July 1985

Archon, Arnhem, Ashkeron!, Biz, The, Chaos, Chuckie Egg 2, Confuzion, Flak, Funhouse, Give My Regards To Broad Street, Gyron, Icicle Works, Jonah Barrington's Squash, Komplex City, Rocky Horror Show, The, Shadowfire, Snaffle

Your Spectrum Issue 17, August 1985

911 TS, Battle for Midway, Bulge, The, Cauldron, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Don't Buy This, Don't Panic, Dun Darach, Fahrenheit 3000, Falcon Patrol 2, Games Designer, H.U.R.G., Herbert's Dummy Run, Jack Charlton's Match Fishing, Nodes of Yesod, Pipeline, Tapper, Video Pool, View to a Kill - The Computer Game, A

Your Spectrum Issue 18, September 1985

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, Dambusters, Fourth Protocol, The, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Glass, Go to Hell, Hyper Sports, Knockout, Metabolis, Nick Faldo Plays the Open, Nonterraqueous, One on One, Paws, Poker, Quackshot, Rocky, Spy vs Spy, Tales of the Arabian Nights

Your Spectrum Issue 19, October 1985

Abu Simbel Profanation, Action Biker, Covenant, The, Dynamite Dan, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Highway Encounter, Juggernaut, Monty on the Run, Mordon's Quest, Pole Position, Popeye, Red Arrows, Red Moon, Roland's Rat Race, Southern Belle, Super Pipeline II, Talos, That's the Spirit, Way of the Exploding Fist, The

Your Spectrum Issue 20, November 1985

Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Bryan Robson's Super League, Cluedo, Codename MAT II, Convoy, Cylu, Daley Thompson's Supertest, Elite, Evil Crown, Fairlight, Macadam Bumper, Monopoly, Monty on the Run, Nightshade, Rats, The, Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon, Secret of St. Brides, The, St. Crippens, Street Hawk, Super Brat

Your Spectrum Issue 21, December 1985

Astroclone, Big Ben Strikes Again, Critical Mass, Custard Kid, The, Fighting Warrior, Great Fire of London, The, Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth, Hacker, Impossible Mission, International Rugby, Kong Strikes Back, Marsport, Maze Craze, Orm and Cheep: The Birthday Party, Riddler's Den, Rupert and the Toymaker's Party, Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, The, Sorderon's Shadow, Starquake, Terrormolinos, World Series Basketball,