Sinclair User Issue 08, November 1982

Computer Puzzles: For Spectrum & ZX81, Over The Rainbow, Programming Your ZX Spectrum

Sinclair User Issue 09, December 1982

Game Tape 1, Lynchmob, Nightflite, Peloponnesian War, Star Trek - The Computer Program, Superdeflex, Tyrant of Athens, ZX Spectrum Games

Sinclair User Issue 10, January 1983

Adventure 1, Computer Battlegames, Computer Spacegames, Introduction to Computer Programming: BASIC for Beginners, Meteoroids, Pimania, Scramble, Shaken But Not Stirred, Spectrum Scramble, Time-Gate, Usborne Guide To Understanding The Micro, ZX Spectrum Explored, The

Sinclair User Issue 11, February 1983

20 Best Programs For the ZX Spectrum, Computing Is Easy, Easy Programming for the ZX Spectrum, Learning To Use the ZX Spectrum Computer, Personal Computer Guide, The, Spectrum Book of Games, The, Spectrum Pocket Book, The, Working Spectrum, The

Sinclair User Issue 12, March 1983

Adventure A: Planet of Death, Adventure B: Inca Curse, Adventure C: Ship of Doom, Adventure D: Espionage Island, Basicare Persona SP, Club Record Controller, Collector's Pack, Competition Pro Joysticks, Database, The, EPROM Board, Hobbit, The, Hobbit, The, Labyrinth, RD Digital Tracer, Reversi, Speakeasy, Specbug, Spectres, Sub Track, Superball, Tasword, Telesound, Transylvanian Tower, VU-3D

Sinclair User Issue 13, April 1983

Base Invaders, Black Crystal, Do Not Pass Go, EPROM Services 32-way Port, High Noon, Krakit, Masterchess, Masterfile, Midwich Interface, Programmers Dream, Roman Empire, Softek 'Super C' Compiler, Spectsound, Trader Trilogy, The, ZON X Soundbox

Sinclair User Issue 14, May 1983

3D-Tanx, A-Level Maths, AGF Joystick Interface II, Aspect, Centipede, Games Tape 3, Garden Birds, Get More From Your Personal Computer, Hi-Stak, Introducing Spectrum Machine Code, Kempston Centronics Interface E, Programming With Graphics, Some Useful BASIC Subroutines, Space Zombies, Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner, Triad, Understanding Your Spectrum, Zodiac 2, ZX 80.81: Youngs Computer Register, ZX Lprint, ZX Printer Spool

Sinclair User Issue 15, June 1983

All-Sort S1, Crevasse, Cyber Rats, Database, The, Desk Console, Dr. Bongo's Safari Park, Dungeon Master, The, Embassy Assault, Hotfoot, Listfile, Masterfile, Monitor and Disassembler, Muncher!, Omnicalc, Softest Interface, Velnor's Lair, VU-Calc, VU-File, X & O, Zeus

Sinclair User Issue 16, July 1983

Advanced Graphics with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Arcadia, Aspect, Astro Blaster, Beamscan, Black Hole, The, Century Computer Programming Course for the Spectrum, The, Cheetah 32K Rampack, Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly, The, Cycle Planner, DK'Tronics Light Pen MK2/3, Dominoes, Editor Assembler, Firework Music, Frenzy, Growth Tracker, Knight's Quest, The, Masterchess, Monte Carlo, Nowotnik Puzzle, The, Pickard Joystick Controller, Pre-Computer Book, The, Programming For Real Beginners, Schizoids, Spectrum Assembler, Spectrum Chess, Spectrum Machine Code, Spectrum Micro Chess, Spectrum Upgrade Pack, Spectrum Voice Chess, Superchess II, Timex/Sinclair 2040, Zeus, ZX Spectrum: Your Personal Computer, The

Sinclair User Issue 17, August 1983

40 Education Games, A, B, C ... Lift-Off!, Alphabet, Alphabet Games, Alphacom 32 Printer, Android Two, Apostrophe, The, Atic Atac, Birds and the Bees, The, Capital Letters, Castle Spellerous, Cheetah 32K Rampack, Co-Der, Cosmic Guerilla, Countries of the World, Dallas, Databases for Fun and Profit, Delta-RAM Kit, Early Punctuation, Electrotech Joystick Programmer, Fox Upgrade Kit (16-48K), Games Designer, Godzilla and the Martians, H.U.R.G., Halls of the Things, Hilderbay Interface, Hopper, Krazy Kong, Learn to Read 1, Learn to Read 2, Learn to Read 3, Learn to Read 4, Learn To Read 5, Letters and Numbers, Mad Martha, Maze Chase, Micro-PROLOG, Mr. Wimpy, Murder at the Manor, Oracle's Cave, The, Plunder, Pontoon, Print'n'Plotter Console, Quill Adventure System, The, Simple Interfacing Projects, SP48, Spawn of Evil, Spectrum Electronics - CCT, Spectrum Hardware Manual, Spectrum Starter Pack 1, Spectrum Starter Pack 2, Speech Marks, Star Reader, Tactile Keyboard Overlay, Tobor, Troon, Tutankhamun, Valhalla, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The, Wizard Box

Sinclair User Issue 18, September 1983

AGF Programmable Joystick Interface, Bank Account System, Combat Zone, 3D, Complete Programmer, The, Desktop Console, Dietron, Firebirds, Fun Mathematics on Your Microcomputer, Kids and Computers - The Parents' Microcomputer Handbook, Orme EPROM Card, Trace, Trax

Sinclair User Issue 19, October 1983

Airliner, Backgammon, Backgammon, Backgammon, Cookie, Quadracube, 3D, Teacher Data, Terror-Daktil 4D, Wizard's Warriors, The, ZipZap

Sinclair User Issue 20, November 1983

Cheetah Sweet Talker, Computer Scrabble, First Steps with Your Spectrum Volume 1, Fuller Box, Fuller Box Master Unit, Galaxy Attack, Greedy Gulch, Inside Your Computer, Integer Compiler, Kelwood Sound Base, Last Sunset for Lattica, MCoder, MCoder II, Morex Printer Interface, Prism VTX5000 Modem, Quest Adventure, Road Toad, Spectrum Adventures, Styx, Super Sound Spec-Amp, Train Game, The, Vortex, 3D, Z80 Machine Code for Humans, ZX Tapeloader

Sinclair User Issue 21, December 1983

AGF Joystick Interface II, AGF Programmable Joystick Interface, Atari Joysticks, Cambridge Intelligent Joystick, Cattell IQ Test, Chequered Flag, Chess - The Turk, Competition Pro Joysticks, Corridors of Genon, CPD8300 Computer Program Data Recorder, Crackshot Joystick, Currah Microspeech, DCP Speech Pack, Finance Manager, Flippit, Games Designer, Invasion of the Body Snatchas!, Invincible Island, Jiles III Joystick Interface, Joy-Sensor Joystick Simulator, Keyboard Stroke Kit, L-Game, Mastermind and Pontoon, Manic Miner, Melbourne Draw, Micro Power Add-On, Monitor and Disassembler, Mukbus Cardframe, Mukbus Keyboard, Mukbus Power Supply, Oracle's Cave, The, PR-Adaptor, Protek Joystick Interface, Pyramid, The, Quickshot Joysticks, Quill Adventure System, The, Slik Stik, Spectron, Starfighter Joystick, Stargazer, Stonechip Programmable Joystick Interface, Switch Hitter Joystick, TAC-2 Joystick, Zeus, ZX Interface 2, ZXM Soundbox, ZXS Speech Synthesiser

Sinclair User Issue 22, January 1984

Abyss, Alphabet, Angler, Aquarius, Ballooning, Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes, Caribbean Trader, Castle Colditz + Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes, Chess Tutor, Chuckie Egg, Detective, The, Diet Master, Digital/Analogue Converter, DK'Tronics Keyboard, Doombugs, Firework Music, First Numbers, Flight Simulation, Forest, The, Gangsters!, Hanoi King, Information Revolution, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll + Tomb of Dracula, The, Las Vegas, Map of the UK, Mastering Machine Code on Your ZX Spectrum, Micro Myte 60, Micro Primer - Software Pack 1, Mission Impossible, Night Sky, The, Nightflite, Pitman Seven, Practical Things to Do with a Microcomputer, Practise Your Basic, Rider, Scatterbrain, Snail Logo, Spectrum Machine Code Made Easy Volume 1, Spectrum Machine Code Made Easy Volume 2, Time Controller, Time Traveller, Tuner, Usborne Guide To Computer Jargon - Illustrated, USP-232D, Vampire Village, Write Your Own Adventure Programs for Your Microcomputer

Sinclair User Issue 23, February 1984

Fox Programmable Joystick Interface, Kelwood Backpack 1, Multitron I/O Support Module 1, Spectrum-Stick

Sinclair User Issue 24, March 1984

1984, 3-D Monster Chase, Adventures of St. Bernard, The, Alchemist, Armageddon, Auto-Sonics, Backgammon, Bear Bovver, Cassette A, Cavern Fighter, Chess, Chess Tutor 1, Circus, Clever Clogs - Jungle Jumble, Clever Clogs - Party Time, Colour Clash, Composer, Computer Brag, Cookie, Countabout, Cricket Captain, Crypt, The, De-Fusion, Deathchase, Demon Chase, Demon Lord, Devil Rides In, The, Dietician, The, DLAN, Dodge City, Dungeons of Doom, Earth Defence, Extended BASIC, FDC-1 Floppy Disk Interface Mk1, Fighter Pilot, Fireflash, French is Fun, Galactic Trooper, General Election, Horace & the Spiders, Hot Dot Spotter, Hungry Horace, I Ching, Input an Investigation, Island, The, Island, The, Jetpac, Jungle Maths, Kempston Centronics Interface E, Know Your Tables, Korth Trilogy, The 1: Escape from Arkaron, Lojix, Machine Code for Beginners, Magic Meanies, Mansfield Park, Maths Invaders, Micro Puzzles, Millypede, Model Maths, Mountains of Ket, Munnery's Mergatroids, Music Maker, Music Master, Ness Automatic Tape Control, Nineteenth Century England, Paddington's Shopping Mix-Up, Penguin Computing Book, The, Pengy, Petron Trichord, Pi-Eyed, Pinnacle Sound Amplifier, Planetoids, Proteus, Pssst, Quazer, Quetzalcoatl, Quick Thinking!, Robot Panic, Satan's Pendulum, Scuba Dive, Seiddab Attack, 3D, Shark Attack, Space Raiders, Space Station Zebra, Spectrum in Education, Spectsound, Strategy, 3D, Strike Four, Superchess 3, Telesound, Using Your Home Computer

Sinclair User Issue 25, April 1984

Account Management System, Angle, Angle Turner, Astro Maths, Bridge Master: A Complete Learning Package for the Beginner at Bridge, Critical Path Analysis, Data Design Pad, Dinky Digger, Educational Uses of the ZX Spectrum, Extended BASIC, Fatherboard, FDC-1 Floppy Disk Interface Mk1, Flight Deck Joystick, Galaxy Dust Cover, Guardian, The, Here Comes the Sun, Hobbyboard Micro Interface, Killer Knight, Light Pen, The, Loony Zoo, Lords of Time, Mathskills II, Monkey Biznes, Paintbox, Print Utilities, Print Utilities, Sequencing, Skull, Snowman, The, Star Wars, 3D, Super Toolkit, Tense French, Wheelie, Winged Warlords

Sinclair User Issue 26, May 1984

1994 - Ten Years After, Blue Thunder, Bridge Player, Bridge Tutor Beginners, Cash Controller, Complete Guide to Medicine, The, Cricket Averages, Defenda, Diamond Quest, First Aid, Format 4 Kit, Hicksted, How Long Have You Got?, Humpty Dumpty, Inkosi, Jungle Adventure, Laser Zone, Microbyte Protection Unit, Micromania, Naked Computer, The, Pathfinder, Pi-Balled, Pirate, ROM SP, Small Business Accounts, Stack Light Rifle, Trickstick, Viscount Disk Drive System

Sinclair User Issue 27, June 1984

Ad Astra, Arcturus, Atlas Assignment, The, Avenger, BASIC Utilities, Blade Alley, Byte, Caesar the Cat, Castle Blackstar, Chuckman, Close-In, Codename Mat, Colditz, Computaword Vol.1, Computer Case, Di-Lithium Lift, DK'Tronics Keyboard, Dr. Franky and the Monster, Ed-On, Energy 30,000, Eskimo Eddie, Fantasia Diamond, Fred, Fuller FDS Desktop System, German is Fun, Glug Glug, H.U.R.G., Halls of the Things, Harry Goes Home, It's the Wooluf!, Jericho Road, Jet Set Willy, Krakatoa, Letterfont, Lunattack, 3D, Maplin Spectrum Keyboard, Master Toolkit, Mazecube, Maziacs, Micro Command, Mission Omega, Moon Buggy, Mummy! Mummy!, Olympimania, Orion, Paratroopers, Pedro, Perseus & Andromeda, Pixel-Pad, Rainbow Joystick & Sound Interface, Reactor, Robot Riot, Saga 1 Emperor Keyboard, Sam Spade, Sorcery, SP48, Special Operations, Spectasort, Stonkers, Strike Attack, Supercode, Time-Gate, Timebomb, Transform Keyboard, Trashman, Tribble Trubble, Trojan Light Pen, Trom, TT-S, Wilfred the Hairy, Olaf the Hungry, Zig Zag

Sinclair User Issue 28, July 1984

Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, Africa Gardens, Alphacom 32 Printer, Arena 3000, Brother EP44, Bubble Buster, Canon PW1080A, Carnival, Centipoid Plus 3, Computer Care Kit, Conquest, Diamond Trail, Driller Tanks, Dyneer DW16, Epson RX80, Eric & the Floaters, Hunchback, Indescomp Domestic Controller, Learning French: Eiffel Tower, Linkword French, Magic Castle, Mannesmann Tally MT890, Metagalactic Llamas: Battle at the Edge of Time, Microline M80, Millionaire, Mindbender, Mindbender, Olivetti JP101, Payroll, Payroll, Payroll, PCSS French, Pro Pinball, Psi-Spy, Seikosha GP-50S, Spelling Bee, Spyplane, Star Micronix Gemini 10X, Super League, Tandy CGP-115, Vega-Table, Wages Records, ZX Lprint III

Sinclair User Issue 29, August 1984

Advanced Spectrum FORTH, Antics, Ashes, The, Carpet Capers, Castle, CCI Lightpen, CCI Programmable Joystick Interface, Cheetah Sweet Talker, Clever Clogs - Star Trucker, Cortes, Cricket Captain, Darts, DK'Tronics Keyboard, Electronic Learners Guide, Flexible Edge Connector, Football Manager, Gnasher, Golf, GOSUBs, Hotline Quiz, Howzat, I Wish I Knew ... about the Spectrum and the ZX81, Inferno, The, Lo Profile Professional Keyboard, Look Sharp!, Mr T's Measuring Games, Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry, Mugsy, New Birkdale, Olympics, Olympimania, Programmable Joystick Interface, Psytron, Royal Birkdale, Sabre Wulf, Spectipede, Spectrum Console, Stock Control, Stock Control, Stock Control, Stop the Express, Super Soccer, Test Match, Troon, United, World Cup Football, Zoo

Sinclair User Issue 30, September 1984

48/80 FORTH, Bat Attack, 3D, Bridge Master: A Complete Learning Package for the Beginner at Bridge, Buffer Adventure, Building Price, Business Programming on Your Spectrum, Butterfly, Cavelon, Character Generator, Computer Cook Book, The, Currah MicroSlot, Death Chess 5000, Defusion + Worms, Dix Mille, DK'Tronics Light Pen MK2/3, Draughts Master, Easyload, Fall of Rome, The, Financial Packages, Flix, Friendly Face, Froot Loop, Gatecrasher, HeathPlanner, Hulk, The, Information Handling for the ZX Spectrum, Kosmic Kanga, Laserwarp, Les Flics, Lords of Midnight, The, Make Music, Match Point, Matrix, Micro Mouse Goes De-bugging, Mind Games, Moons of Tantalus, Multi File, Mysterious Fairground, New Venture, Odyssey of Hope, The, Page Programmable Joystick Interface, Paradox, Protek Switchable Joystick Interface, Putting Your Spectrum to Work, Reichswald, Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes, River Rescue, Screen Machine, Spectrealm, Spectrum Monitor, Spoof, Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz, Super Bridge, T.L.L., Temple of Vran, Titanic, Trans-Express, Two-Gun Turtle, Urban Upstart, Whodunnit?, Width of the World, The, Yatzee

Sinclair User Issue 31, October 1984

Alcatraz Harry, Automania, Beyond BASIC, Block-Buster, Cambridge Joystick & Interface, Castle of Dreams, CEAF (Contrast Enhancement Antiglare Filter), Comcon Programmable Joystick Interface, Complete Machine Code Tutor, The, Crazy Crane, Double Dealer, Dyslexia Beater, Frank N Stein, Full Throttle, J7 Joystick & Interface, Jack and the Beanstalk, Kelwood K-Board, Logo, MicroPen, Pingo, Quickshot Joysticks, Rainbow Joystick & Sound Interface, Ram Turbo Interface, Rapscallion, Saga 1 Emperor Keyboard, Sherlock, Snowball, Spectext, Spectre-Mac-Mon, Spectrosim, Spellbound, Star Trader, Stonechip Keyboard, Super Champ Joystick, Supercode 2, Tasword Two, Voltmace Delta 3S, Word Processor, Worse Things Happen at Sea, Wrath of Magra, The, ZX Reversi, ZX Spectrum Assembler

Sinclair User Issue 32, November 1984

Artificial Intelligence on the Spectrum Computer: Make Your Micro Think, Astronomer, Avalon, Bewarehouse, Build Your Own Expert System, Computer Power and Human Reason, Crusoe, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Datapen, Dragonfire, Exploring Artificial Intelligence on Your Microcomputer, Fifth Generation, The, Friendly Face, Frog Face, Home Budget, Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies, Invoicing, Microdrive Extension Lead, Microdrive Storage Box, OEL TTX2000, Orc Slayer, R.A.T., Reset Switch Box, Rotronics Wafadrive, Sales Ledger, Silicon Idol, The, Strangeloop, System 15000, Terrahawks, Twin Kingdom Valley, War of the Worlds, White Lightning, Words and Pictures, Zipstik

Sinclair User Issue 33, December 1984

Adventure F: Eye of Bain, Astroplaner, Battlezone, Beach-Head, Black Hawk, Buzz Off!, Challenge Sprint, Cheetah 68FX1 Keyboard, Chinese Juggler, Combat Lynx, Complete Spectrum, The, Computer Wimp, Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, Deus Ex Machina, Dungeon Builder, The, Dungeon Master, The, Exploring Adventures on the Spectrum 48K, Final Mission, The, Ghost Rider, Gilligan's Gold, Hampstead, Hareraiser: Prelude, Highway Code, HiSoft C, Interstate 31, Introduction to Simulation Techniques on the Sinclair QL, JVC 1302 Colour Monitor, Kentilla, Key to Time, The, Keyfile, Kokotoni Wilf, Loadmaster, Micro Enquirer: Spectrum, The, Microdrive Cable, Micronet Book, Microvitec Cub 1431MZ Monitor, Money Manager, New Adventure Systems for the Spectrum, Night Gunner, Nike-SP, Peter Pan, Pyjamarama, Quill Adventure System, The, Quill, Easel, Archive & Abacus on the Sinclair QL, Rotronics Wafadrive, RS232 Cable, Siel MIDI Interface, Sinclair QL User Guide, Solution 1 - Serial/Centronics Converter, Spectrum Adventures: A Guide to Playing and Writing Adventures, Stagecoach, Tank Duel, 3D, Tiler Tim, Travel with Trashman, Write Your Own Adventure Programs for Your Microcomputer, Zombie Zombie, ZX Microdrive, ZX Spectrum+

Sinclair User Issue 34, January 1985

AGF Protocol 4, American Football, Beta Basic, Beta Disk Interface, Biology - O-Level Revision and CSE, Booty, Confrontation, Confrontation Scenarios volume 1, Cyclone, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Elementary PASCAL, Eureka!, Exodus, Finance Manager, Flight from the Dark, French - O-Level Revision and CSE, Friend or Foe, Games Board, Hampstead, Kappa Keyboard, Kappa Keyboard Cartridge Box, King Arthur's Quest, Know Your Own Personality, Kung-Fu, Magic Roundabout, The, Margana, Masterfile, New Cylon Attack, On/Off Switch, Postman Pat's Trail Game, Prince, The, Print-SP, QL Advanced User Guide, QL Easel, QL Quill, Really Easy Guide to Home Computing: The ZX Spectrum, The, Return to Eden, Riddle of the Sphinx, Run, Rabbit, Run, Saga of Erik the Viking, The, Sales/Purchase Ledger Invoicing, Select 1, Sir Lancelot, Snaffle, SP-Write, Sports Hero, Starbike, Stock Control, SuperTed, System 15000, Tasmerge, Tasword Two, Technician Ted, Tir Na Nog, Tower of Despair, Turtle Timewarp, Urban Upstart, Valkyrie 17, ValTrack 2, Viking Raiders, Watford SP-DOS, Wild Bunch, The, Writing Software for Profit, Zenji

Sinclair User Issue 35, February 1985

A.T.R.A.M, Backpackers Guide to the Universe, Boulder Dash, Clown + Highwire, Datafax Disk System, Doomdark's Revenge, Estimator Racer, Faerie, FDS Executive, Forward 100 - LOGO and Your Child, Ghoulies, Giant's Revenge, Grafpad, Havoc, Ice Station Zero, Jasper!, Knight Lore, Legend, Lode Runner, LOGO: A Guide to Learning Through Programming, Love Oracle, MacMan in the Treasure Caves, Mancomp MO184 Professional Keyboard, Maths Tutor for the Spectrum, Noah, Number Painter, Percy the Potty Pigeon, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Prisoner of the Village, The, Profile 2, Project-X: The Micro Man, Projector 1, Protek 1200 Modem, RD Digital Tracer, Runes of Zendos, The, Slomo, Spectext, Spectrum RGB Output Module, Steve Davis Snooker, Tachyon Command, Thurnall Disk System, Underwurlde, Waydor, Wordsetter, XK Memory Expansion System

Sinclair User Issue 36, March 1985

Airwolf, Arrow of Death Part 1, Arrow of Death Part 2, Assignment East Berlin, Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau, Disease Dodgers, DK'Tronics 3 Channel Sound Synthesiser, DK'Tronics Dual Port Joystick Interface, DK'Tronics Joystick Interface, DK'Tronics Parallel Centronics Interface, Electric Office, Espionage, Ghostbusters, Gift From the Gods, Grand Prix Manager, Great Space Race, The, Heathrow Air Traffic Control, MacMan's Magic Mirror, Magic Sword, The, Match Day, Microfitness, Mindstorms, Oil Strike, QL Gamesmaster, Reset Switch Box, Sandman Cometh, The, Screen Cycler, Se-Kaa of Assiah, Sinclair C5, Skool Daze, Smith-Corona Fastext 80 Printer, Software Projects for the Spectrum, Touchmaster Graphics Tablet, Yewser Reset Switch

Sinclair User Issue 37, April 1985

"O" Level Revision: Physics, Alien, Alien 8, Antony and Cleopatra, Astronut, Banker, Bazam, Blue Max, BMX Trials, Brian Bloodaxe, Bristles, Computable, Curse of the Seven Faces, Drive-In, The, Falklands Crisis, The, Hellfire, Hunchback II, Illustrator, The, Jewels of Babylon, Lazy Jones, Lifeline, Miracle WS2000 Modem, Monty is Innocent, Mutant Monty, O'Level Maths, Physics, Physics, Physics - O-Level Revision and CSE, Practical Uses for the Microcomputer in the Home, QL Games Compendium, Rainbow Electronics Reset Switch, Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice, Software Star, Starstrike, 3D, Stuart England, Tasprint, Therbo, Timex Disc Interface, Weather Station, Weathermaster, Which? Software Guide, The, Witch's Cauldron, The, Wizard's Warriors, The, Xavior, Ziggurat

Sinclair User Issue 38, May 1985

101QL Monitor, 747 Flight Simulator, Astrocalc, Biz, The, Boxer 12 Monitor, Bruce Lee, Chaos, Confidential, Day in the Life, A, Dinosaurs, Dragontorc, Emerald Isle, Everyone's a Wally, Fantastic Voyage, Format 4 Kit, Formula One, Gunshot Joystick, Gyron, Hacker's Handbook, The, Hacker's Handbook, The, Herbert's Dummy Run, Heroes of Karn, Mega Rule, Mini Office, Moon Cresta, Mr T Meets His Match, MVM12G Monitor, Opus Discovery, Overlords, Paddington's Garden Game, Personal Banking System, QL: Technical Guide, Ski Star 2000, Sky Ranger, Talisman, Toy Bizarre, Underworld - The Village, UNISTAT, Wizard's Lair

Sinclair User Issue 39, June 1985

911 TS, Amulet, The, Archon, Binatone Data Recorder, Body Works, Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge, Century Computer Programming Course for the Spectrum, The, Chuckie Egg 2, Computing in Print, Confuzion, Crystal Frog, The, Death Star Interceptor, Dorado, El, Formula 1 Joystick, Formula 2 Joystick, Grand National, Gremlins, Ibico LTR-1 Letter Quality Printer, Jewel of Power, The, Jonah Barrington's Squash, Kempston Pro Joystick Interface, Komplex City, Lazer 62 Keyboard, LISP: The Language of Artificial Intelligence, Malice in Wonderland, Mighty Magus, Minder, Paws, Pilot Joystick Interface, Scoop, Scoreboard Joystick, Shadowfire, Sinclair Official Spectrum+ Upgrade, Snapple Hopper, Spy Hunter, Starion, Superfile, Unitrust Program, The, Varitalk, Video Pool, Waltham MC3810 Data Recorder, World Series Baseball, Worldwise: Nuclear Weapons, Wriggler

Sinclair User Issue 40, July 1985

Arnhem, Ashkeron!, Assembler and Machine Code Debugger, Astronomy, Battle for Midway, Bizzicom, Bored of the Rings, Car Cure, Cauldron, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cheetah Spectrum Joystick Interface, Disc Doubler, Don't Buy This, Falcon Patrol 2, Ferguson MC01 TX 14" Colour TV/Computer Monitor, Fourth Protocol, The, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Give My Regards To Broad Street, Glass, Helichopper, Hyper Sports, Icicle Works, Key of Hope, The, Light Magic, LMT 68FX2 Keyboard, Loco Motion, Mirage Microdriver, Nicotine Nightmare, Plan and Design Your Garden, Polyprint Multilingual Interface, Return of the Holy Joystick, The, Runestone, Space Scan, Statistics II, Style, Survey II, View to a Kill - The Computer Game, A

Sinclair User Issue 41, August 1985

Bulge, The, Caesar's Travels, Capital Radio's Book of Computers & Simple Programming, Classic Bookkeeping, Cluedo, Covenant, The, CP48, Dead at the Controls, Decision Maker, DK'Tronics Games Controller, DK'Tronics Keyboard, Dun Darach, Frankenstein 2000, Get More from the Epson Printer, Go to Hell, Helm, The, Highway Encounter, Interface III, Jet Set Willy II, Juggernaut, Microframe, Nodes of Yesod, Plus 80 Stock Manager, Psychedelia, Quackshot, Real Thing? Microcomputer Simulations on the Sinclair QL, The, Rocky Horror Show, The, Roland's Rat Race, Saimazoom, Southern Belle, Spectrum Data Log, Spectrum Graphics LOGO, Spy vs Spy, Starting LOGO, Subsunk, Super Pipeline II, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tapper, Transform Keyboard

Sinclair User Issue 42, September 1985

Abu Simbel Profanation, Action Biker, Ancient Quests, Artist, The, Bank Account System, Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, Cylu, Dynamite Dan, Entrepreneur, Fairlight, Feria, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Jack Charlton's Match Fishing, Knockout, Metabolis, Monopoly, Multitron Megamouse, Nick Faldo Plays the Open, Nonterraqueous, Omni-Reader, On the Run, Operation Nightingale, Paws, Phineas Frogg, Red Moon, Rocky, Shadowfire Tuner, Stick, The, Terrormolinos, That's the Spirit, Timesearch, Warlord

Sinclair User Issue 43, October 1985

Art Studio, Beta Disk Interface, Blast!, Bryan Robson's Super League, Classic Bookkeeping, Codename MAT II, Crystal Quest, Dambusters, Family Computer Book, The, Illustrating Superbasic on the Sinclair QL, Komplex City, Letta-Head, Monty on the Run, Mordon's Quest, Nightshade, Operation Caretaker, Pacer Disk Interface & Disk Drive, Plumber's Price, Pole Position, Popeye, Rats, The, Red Arrows, Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon, Run for Gold, Saga 3 Elite Keyboard, Secret of St. Brides, The, Sorderon's Shadow, Spectrum Shadow ROM Disassembly, St. Crippens, Talos, Tinderbox, Valley of the Dead, Way of the Exploding Fist, The, Yacht Race

Sinclair User Issue 44, November 1985

'T' Switcher, 30 Hour Useful Home Computing, Astroclone, Automata 10 Pack Volume Two, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Chimera, Chinese Patience, Daley Thompson's Supertest, Elite, Evil Crown, Fighting Warrior, Histo-Graph, Kempston Disc Interface, London Adventure, Macadam Bumper, Madcap Manor, Magic, Maze Craze, Patch, The, Pay-Off, The, Potty Professor, Robot Book, The, Rockford's Riot + Boulder Dash, Rupert and the Toymaker's Party, SD-10 Printer, SG-10 Printer, Spectrum+ LOGO, Starquake, Super Brat, Their Finest Hour, Word Manager

Sinclair User Issue 45, December 1985

Adventureland, Back to Skool, Big Ben Strikes Again, Blast!, Critical Mass, Custard Kid, The, Fairlight, Great Fire of London, The, Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth, Gyroscope, Hacker, HiSoft COLT Compiler, Impossible Mission, International Rugby, Marsport, Micro Office, Nidd Valley Extender Bar & Reset Button, Orm and Cheep: Narrow Squeaks, Orm and Cheep: The Birthday Party, Programmers' Trouble Shooting Guide, The - Spectrum, Riddler's Den, Screenplay, Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, The, Secret Mission, Shadow of the Unicorn, Simple Sonic, Spec-Mate, Tomahawk, Word Processing with QL Quill, World Cup Soccer, World Series Basketball, Xcel, Z-80 Reference Guide, ZX Spectrum Compilateur

Sinclair User Issue 46, January 1986

Assemblage, BC's Quest for Tires, Binatone Data Recorder, Brainstorm, Computer Christmas Card, Data-Binder, Endurance, FORTH Microdrive Converter, Geoff Capes Strong Man, Gladiator, I, of the Mask, International Karate, Lawtronics RGB Monitor Interface, Merlock the Mede, Microcomputer Game Design, Mirage Microdriver, NeverEnding Story, The, On/Off Switch, One Man and His Droid, Panzadrome, Quest for the Holy Grail, The, Robin of Sherlock, Robot Messiah, Rothmans Football Quick Quiz Volume 1, Saboteur!, Seas of Blood, Sinclair Reference Diary, Soul of a Robot, SpecDrum, Spellbound, Star Firebirds, SurfChamp, System 7 Reset Switch, Tau Ceti, Telesound, Thunderbirds, V-notch, Waterloo, Wham! The Music Box, Zoot, ZX Spectrum+ Starter Pack

Sinclair User Issue 47, February 1986

1985 - The Day After, Aladdin's Cave, AMX Mouse, Arena, Austerlitz, Automata 10 Pack Volume Three, Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, Beach-Head II, Commando, Costa Capers, Enigma Force, Lord of the Rings, Mikie, Multiface 1, Numbers At Work, Raiders of the Lost Ring, Rasputin, Roller Coaster, Saga 2+ Keyboard, Seiko RC-1000 Wrist Terminal, Sir Fred, Souls Of Darkon, Sweevo's World, Swords & Sorcery, Think!, Three Weeks in Paradise, West Bank, William Wobbler, Winter Sports, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Your Health, ZX Spectrum 128K

Sinclair User Issue 48, March 1986

2112 AD, 68000 Machine Code Programming, Battle of the Planets, Beatle Quest, Blade Runner, Cosmic Wartoad, Currah MicroSource, Death Wake, Desert Rats, Forbidden Planet, Gunfright, LMT SPD1, Mindshadow, Movie, N.O.M.A.D., Practical Guide to QL Graphics and Sound, A, Quiz Quest, Rambo, Time Sanctuary, Transformers, The, Twister, Using Your Sinclair QL, Vectron, Winter Games, Worm in Paradise, The, XRI Micon, Zoids: The Battle Begins

Sinclair User Issue 49, April 1986

Animator1, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase!, CAD-Master Light Pen, Daley Thompson's Supertest, Friday the 13th, Gerry the Germ, Giddy Game Show, The, Gladiator, Hollow, The, Hypa Raid, Icon Graphix, Kempston Mouse, Laser Basic, Laser Compiler, Lode Runner, Murder Hunt, NeverEnding Story, The, Opus Discovery, Play Your Cards Right, Realm of Impossibility, Rocky Horror Show, The, Runestone, Show Jumping, Skyfox, Spitfire 40, Sweevo's Whirled, System 7 Reset Switch, Technician Ted, Temple Terror, Three Weeks in Paradise, Yabba Dabba Doo!, Zorro

Sinclair User Issue 50, May 1986

10 Adventure Game Pack, Arc of Yesod, The, Back to the Future, Batman, Bomb Jack, Bounces, Crack It! Towers, Dungeon Dare, F.A. Cup Football, Falklands 82, Father of Darkness + Murder, Flyer Fox, Fourmost Adventures, Last Word, The, Max Headroom, Mugsy's Revenge, Nodes of Yesod, Quazatron, Robin of the Wood, Sai Combat, Sodov the Sorcerer, Tasword Three, Turbo Esprit, Wham! The Music Box, Writer, The

Sinclair User Issue 51, June 1986

10 Computer Hits 2, 30 Games, AGF Teletext Adaptor, Alien Highway, Ballblazer, Comet Game, The, Cyberun, Delta Wing, Extended BASIC, Fantastic Four - Part One, Green Beret, Heavy on the Magick, Hotshots, Kirel, Legend of the Amazon Women, Marie Celeste, Master Toolkit, Multiface 1, Off the Hook, Powerprint II, Rasputin, Redhawk, Space Hunter, Spectrum Doodler Lightpen, Spectrum Graphics Machine, The, Sport of Kings, Starstrike II, Sunset Video Digitiser, Supercode 3, Tarot, The, V, Way of the Tiger, The, Which? Taxcalc 1985-86, Who Dares Wins II, Young Ones, The

Sinclair User Issue 52, July 1986

Biggles, Bounder, Bullseye, Equinox, F.A. Cup Football, Football Manager, Force, The, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Graphic Adventure Creator, The, Labyrinthion, Laser Genius, Match Day, Office Master, Pentagram, Planets, The, Planter's Guide, The, Price of Magik, The, Return to Ithaca, Rock 'n Wrestle, Seabase Delta, Secret of Levitation, The, Snow Queen, The, Spiky Harold, Spindizzy, Splitting Images, Terrors of Trantoss, The, Time of the End, Trick of the Tale, A, World Cup Carnival

Sinclair User Issue 53, August 1986

Arcade Creator, Bobby Bearing, Boggit, The, Brother M-1009 printer, Cagara, Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back, Claws of Despair, Code Machine, The, Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, Deathchase, Designer, Dynamite Dan II, Echo Musical Synthesiser, Epson P80 Portable Printer, Full Throttle, Heartland, Hijack, Jack the Nipper, Kempston Centronics Interface E, Mafia Contract II: The Sequel, Master, The, Mermaid Madness, Molecule Man, Ninja Master, Posh List, Pyracurse, Qualitas, Rebel Planet, Revenge of the C5, Rogue Comet, Rupert and the Ice Castle, Saga 2001 Keyboard, Saga LTR-1 Printer, Screenex Spectrum Doctor, Skool Daze, Snodgits, Spike, Tantalus, Tasman Parallel Printer Interface, Theatre Europe, Toadrunner, Valhalla, Very Big Cave Adventure, The, Writer, The, ZX Interface 1, ZX Lprint III

Sinclair User Issue 54, September 1986

ACE, Action Reflex, Basically Speaking: Programming for Everybody, Bubble Sort, Con-Quest, Eidolon, The, Elite, Ghostbusters, Hunchback - The Adventure, I.C.U.P.S., Iwo Jima, Johnny Reb II, Journey to the Centre of Eddie Smith's Head, Kung-Fu Master, Lernon Esperanto, Lorigraph, Mandragore, Master of Magic, Mindstone, Miracle WS4000 Modem, Oliver's Music Box, Psi Chess, Rescue on Fractalus!, Spectre Comms Pack, Stainless Steel, Star Firebirds, TimeTrax, Trap Door, The, Xarq, ZX Big-Shot

Sinclair User Issue 55, October 1986

125 Joystick, 1942, Buccaneer, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Fairlight, Free Text Database, Glider Rider, Jewels of Darkness, Kane, Lap of the Gods, Light Force, Microdrive Recovery, Mission Omega, Music Machine, N.E.X.O.R., Octagon Squad, Paperboy, Rebelstar, Revolution, Storm, Strike Force Harrier, Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning, Universal Hero, Vera Cruz, Virgin Atlantic Challenge, ZX Spectrum 128 +2, Zythum, Zzzz

Sinclair User Issue 56, November 1986

After Shock, AMX Mouse, Artist II, The, Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, Bombscare [2], Bump, Set, Spike!, Captain Kelly, Captain Slog, Dandy, Deactivators, Druid, Firelord, H.R.H., HardBall!, Headcoach, Hisoft BASIC, It's a Knockout, Kai Temple, Kempston Mouse, Nightmare Rally, Olli and Lissa, Olympiad '86, Outworld, Prodigy, Pub Games, Room Ten, Sbugetti Junction, Scooby-Doo, Shrewsbury Key, Star Mouse, Strike Force Cobra, Tres Luces de Glaurung, Las, TT Racer, Uridium, Video Olimpic, Video Poker, Zacaron Mystery, The

Sinclair User Issue 57, December 1986

180, Academy, Avenger, Best of Beyond, The, Big 4, Big Ears, Bugsy, Camelot Warriors, Colour of Magic, The, Datel Robotek, DCP Interpack 1, Dragon's Lair, Fairlight II, Frame, Future Knight, Great Escape, The, Grid, Happiest Days of Your Life, The, Ice Temple, The, Infiltrator, Knight Rider, Miami Dice, Moron, Napoleon at War, Now Games 3, Press, The, Red Box Starter Pack, Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The, Saga Compliment, Scorpion Controller, Sets, Space Harrier, Starglider, Street Hawk, Tarzan, Terminus, Thanatos, They Sold a Million 3, Thrust, Tired of the Boring Sinclair Font, Trailblazer, Truss, Twice Shy, W.A.R., Winter Games, WSS Input/Output Port, Xeno

Sinclair User Issue 58, January 1987

Adventure, Alien, Aliens, Archers, The, Black Hawk, Breakthru, Cheetah MK5 MIDI Keyboard, City Slicker, Cobra, Contact Sam Cruise, Defcom, Demon from the Darkside, Doctor What!, Dome Trooper, Don't Panic - Panic Now, Donkey Kong, Double Take, Dracula, Fat Worm Blows a Sparky, Fighter Pilot, Frost Byte, Heathrow Air Traffic Control, Hercules, Highlander, Investment Monitor, The, King's Keep, Magnum Joystick, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Oblivion, Paradise Connection, The, Pawn, The, Phantomas, Phasor One Joystick, Prehistoric Adventure, Quest for the Golden Orange Peel, RAMPrint Interface, Rogue Trooper, Samurai, Shao-Lin's Road, Shares, Southern Belle, Strike Force Harrier, Terra Cognita, They Stole a Million, Tomahawk, TT Racer, ValTrack 4, Zub

Sinclair User Issue 59, February 1987

Acro Jet, Art Studio, The, Deep Strike, Dodgy Geezers, Doomsday Papers, The, Elevator Action, Explorer, Five Star Games, Footballer of the Year, Gallipoli, Gauntlet, Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers, Harvey Headbanger, Hive, Impossaball, Kayleth, Konami's Golf, Kwah!, Marble Madness, Masters of the Universe - The Arcade Game, Orbix the Terrorball, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona, SAS: Operation Thunderflash!!, Scalextric, Silicon Dreams, Stormbringer, Super Cycle, Super Soccer, Sword and Shield, Tempest, Terra Cresta, Top Gun, Trivial Pursuit: Young Players Edition, Unbelievable! Ultimate, Unbelievable! Ultimate 2, Winter Wonderland, Xcel, Xevious

Sinclair User Issue 60, March 1987

Ace of Aces, Adventure Builder System, Agent Orange, Battle of Britain, Bazooka Bill, BMX Simulator, Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Characters, DISCiPLE Interface, EastEnders, Enduro Racer, Falcon Patrol 2, Fist II: The Legend Continues, Greyfell, Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The, Howzat, Hyperbowl, Inheritance: Panic in Las Vegas, The, Into the Eagle's Nest, Jail Break, Judge Dredd, Kat Trap, League Challenge, Legend of Apache Gold, Legend of Kage, Little Computer People, Mailstrom, Mega Bucks, Nemesis, Nuclear Countdown, Operation Stallion, Pheenix, Professional Snooker Simulator, Ranarama, Rocman, Shadow Skimmer, Shockway Rider, They Call Me Trooper, Wibstars

Sinclair User Issue 61, April 1987

10th Frame, Anfractuos, Ardennes, Arkanoid, Battlefield Germany, Bomb Jack II, Britain Invaded!, Butch - Hard Guy, Classic Muncher, Death Wake, Dizzy Dice, Fall of the Third Reich, Feud, Grange Hill, Hypaball, Leader Board, Martianoids, Matt Lucas, Murder Off Miami, President, Sailing, Sidney Affair, The, Sigma 7, Silent Service, Sky Runner, Terror of the Deep, Trap, Uchi Mata, War in the East

Sinclair User Issue 62, May 1987

Amaurote, Brainache, Cyrox, Doc the Destroyer, Dragon's Lair II: Escape from Singe's Castle, Head Over Heels, I, Ball, Imagination, Indoor Sports, Kinetik, Kingdom of Krell, The, Knuckle Busters, Kobyashi Naru, Koronis Rift, Legions of Death, Nemesis the Warlock, Nether Earth, Professional Adventure Writer, Psi-5 Trading Company, Sceptre of Bagdad, Scott Adams Scoops, Sentinel, The, Short Circuit, Star Raiders II, Throne of Fire, Thrust II, Vulcan, World Games, Xen, Zulu Wars

Sinclair User Issue 63, June 1987

Apocalypse, Army Moves, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, Big Trouble in Little China, Bismarck, Bubbler, Cheetah MIDI Interface, Chronos, Cosmic Shock Absorber, Dogfight: 2187, Enterprise, Express Raider, Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons, Ghost Hunters, Gunrunner, Hydrofool, Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear, Krakout, Mario Bros, Mr. Weems and the She Vampires, Octagon, Prince of Tyndal, The, Pulsator, Red Scorpion, Saboteur II, Shadows of Mordor, Space Detective, Star Runner, Strike, Think!, Tobruk, Tomb of Syrinx, Transmuter, Tubaruba, Yankee

Sinclair User Issue 64, July 1987

Deathscape, Earthshock, F-15 Strike Eagle, Falcon: The Renegade Lord, Howard the Duck, Jackle & Wide, Kickboxing, Killed Until Dead, Livingstone Supongo, Mad Nurse, Mag Max, Metro-Cross, Micronaut One, Milk Race, Parabola, Quartet, Road Runner, Strike Force SAS, Tai-Pan, Temple of Terror, Thing Bounces Back, Wiz, ZX Spectrum 128 +3, Zynaps

Sinclair User Issue 65, August 1987

5 Computer Hits, 6-Pak, Ball Crazy, Best of 3D, The, Big Sleaze, The, Bride of Frankenstein, Catch 23, Championship Baseball, Curse of Sherwood, The, Exolon, Final Matrix, The, Five Star Games 2, Hades Nebula, Leader Board Tournament, Letter Set, Living Daylights - The Computer Game, The, Mutants, Mystery of Arkham Manor, The, Ninja Hamster, Prohibition, Slap Fight, Starfox, Stormbringer, Tomb of Syrinx, Triaxos, Wonder Boy

Sinclair User Issue 66, September 1987

Action Pack 3, Armageddon Man, The, Book of the Dead, Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Riot, Captain Kelly, Challenge of the Gobots, Chess Nuts, Convoy Raider, CORE, Cricket Averages, Death Wish 3, Destructo, Flash Gordon, Game Over, Geoff Capes Strong Man, Hocus Focus, Killer Ring, Last Mission, Learn Chess, Leviathan, Micro Olympics, Moon Strike, Motos, Mountie Mick's Death Ride, Oriental Hero, Pneumatic Hammers, Rebel, River Raid, Satcom, Shipwreck + Castle Eerie, Sidewize, Spaced Out, Star Wreck, Stifflip & Co., Super G-Man, Super Robin Hood, Time Flight, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Tube, The, Ultima Ratio, Vision, Voidrunner, Zenji

Sinclair User Issue 67, October 1987

3 Coin Op Classics, Athena, Back to the Future, Classix 1, Conflicts 1, Conflicts 2, Crom, Deadringer, Down to Earth, Evening Star, Fifth Quadrant, The, Flunky, Football Director, Frankenstein, Grand Prix Simulator, Gunship, Headcoach, Heist 2012, How to be a Complete Bastard, Hybrid, International Karate, Joe Blade, Lost Ruby, The, Mean Streak, Mercenary, Mission Jupiter, Ocean Conqueror, Pi-R Squared, Plexar, Rapid Fire, Renegade, Rocman, Samurai Trilogy, Shard of Inovar, Slingshot, Soft & Cuddly, Solomon's Key, Streaker, Survivor, Tantalus, Wizball, Wolfan, Xecutor

Sinclair User Issue 68, November 1987

6-Pak Vol 2, 720 Degrees, Action Force, Arrgghhh, ATV Simulator, Ball Breaker, Bananablip and Spacemanblip, Bosconian '87, Boss, The, Bounces, Bubble Bobble, Call Me Psycho, Calling, The, Centurions, The, Cornilius, Custerd's Quest, Dark Sceptre, Deadly Mission, Defcom, Draughts Genius, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Enduro, Fixgen, Football Follower, Freddy Hardest, GBA Championship Basketball, Hand, The, High Frontier, Holiday in Sumaria, Hysteria, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Labours of Hercules, The, Mask, Multiface +3, Multiface 128, Multiprint, Nebulus, Nick Faldo Plays the Open, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona, Poolswinner, Pride of the Federation, Prospector, The, Red L.E.D., Return of Sock, The, Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Witsend, Slaine, Solar Fire, Street Hassle, Sun Star, Super Sprint, Ten Pin Challenge, Uchi Mata, War Cars Construction Set

Sinclair User Issue 69, December 1987

3D Game Maker, Agent X II, Aliens US Version, Angle Ball, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, Bobsleigh, BraveStarr, Dark Star, Death or Glory, Deflektor, Dizzy, Driller, Fast 'n' Furious, Gryzor, Guadalcanal, Headstart, Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers, Jackal, Jetpac, Joy-Sensor Joystick Simulator, Knightmare, Lazer Wheel, Level 5, Live Ammo, Misterio del Nilo, El, Nihilist, Outcast, President, Professional Ski Simulator, Question of Scruples, A, Rentakill Rita, Rigel's Revenge, Rygar, Six Card Cribbage, Smash Out, TAC-5 Joystick, Terminator Joystick, Through the Trap Door, Thundercats, Thunderceptor, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, Xevious, Xor, Yes, Prime Minister, Yogi Bear

Sinclair User Issue 70, January 1988

10 Computer Hits 4, 125 Joystick, ACE 2: The Ultimate Head to Head Conflict, Anarchy, Beach-Head II, Blockbusters, Combat School, Cybex, Double, The, Erik: Phantom of the Opera, Eye, Five Star Games 3, FlexiCalc, Flying Shark, Fruit Machine Simulator, Game, Set and Match, Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer, Gauntlet II, Gnome Ranger, Implosion, Investment Monitor, The, Jack the Ripper, Knight Lore, Last Word, The, MASK II, Match Day II, Nightshade, Out Run, Power Plays, Riding the Rapids, Ronnie Goes to Hollywood, Salamander, Sample Editor, Saracen, Sidewalk, Solid Gold, Sorcerer Lord, Star Wars, Super Hang-On, TimeTrax, Ultimate Combat Mission

Sinclair User Issue 71, February 1988

American Football, Andy Capp, Axe, Batman: The Movie, Blitzkrieg, California Games, Colditz Story, The, Compendium, Double Bill, 3D, Dragonia, Druid II: Enlightenment, Excalibur: Sword of Kings, Fernando Martin Basket Master, Firetrap, Four Smash Hits, Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal, Inside Outing, Jet Bike Simulator, Knight Orc, Legend of the Lost Kingdom, The, Madballs, Microball, Mira Pascal, Murphy, Pegasus Bridge, Phantom Club, Play It Again, Sam, Plus 3 Sports, Pro Golf II, Progen, Progen, Psycho Soldier, Rampage, Realm, The + Boxing Manager, Rolling Thunder, SAS: Operation Thunderflash!!, Spacestation Beta 1, Sports Hero, Terramex, Tetris, Venom, Warlock, Word-Master, Xen

Sinclair User Issue 72, March 1988

Action Reflex, Alien 8, ATF, Bedlam, Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr Megalomann, Chaos, Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge, Deviants, Galactic Games, Hunt for Red October, The - Based on the Book, IK+, Kikstart 2, Los Angeles SWAT, Magnetron, Merlin, MGT Plus D, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, P.H.M. Pegasus, Piggy, Platoon, Predator, Roadwars, Rommel's Revenge, S.T.I., Shackled, Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space, Starfighter, 3D, Super Stuntman, Tas-Sign, Tour de Force, Way of the Exploding Fist, The

Sinclair User Issue 73, April 1988

Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh, Black Lamp, Blood Valley, Championship Sprint, Colossus Chess 4, Cybernoid, Dun Darach, Energy Warrior, Firefly, Football Frenzy, Frightmare, Grand Prix Tennis, Ikari Warriors, Impact, Loads of Midnight, Marsport, Mega-Apocalypse, North Star, Oink!, Park Patrol, Proof of Destruction, Ramparts, Rockford, Rollaround, Side Arms, Spore, Star Paws, Teladon, Thing!, Tir Na Nog, Xarax, Yeti

Sinclair User Issue 74, May 1988

10 Great Games II, Action Force II, Ballbreaker II, Brainstorm, Cage Match, Cloud 99, Countdown to Doom, Crazy Cars, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Demon's Revenge, Denizen, Dervish, Desperado, Disposable Heroes, Double Agent, Earthlight, Fifth Quadrant, The, Flintstones, The, Jade Stone, The, Jinxter, Karnov, Kempston Mouse, Lee Enfield Space Ace, Overlord, Philosopher's Quest, Rastan, Sophistry, Starquake, Street Fighter, Zolyx

Sinclair User Issue 75, June 1988

6-Pak Vol 3, All-Stars, Beyond the Ice Palace, Bionic Commando, Blood Brothers, Buggy Boy, Crosswize, Cyberknights, Dam Busters, The, Data East's Arcade Alley, Desolator, Freedom Fighter, Frontline, GeeBee Air Rally, Gothik, Lazer Tag, MASK III: VENOM Strikes Back, Masterfile +3, Prowler, Sabotage, Shanghai Karate, Soldier of Light, Spy vs Spy Trilogy, Starring Charlie Chaplin, Target: Renegade, Time and Magik, Vixen, Werewolf Simulator

Sinclair User Issue 76, July 1988

19 Part 1: Boot Camp, Arcticfox, Cerius, Dark Side, Delta Joystick, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Eidolon, The, F.A. Cup Football, Football Manager 2, Gutz, Hercules, Impossible Mission, LERM MicroMate, Marauder, Metal Army, Mickey Mouse, On Cue, Powerama, Race Against Time, The, Shadow Skimmer, Skate Crazy, Skelvullyn Twine, Star Wars Droids, Street Sports Basketball, Wizard Warz, Xecutor

Sinclair User Issue 77, August 1988

Alternative World Games, Bard's Tale, The, Cruiser Joystick, Empire Strikes Back, The, European 5-a-Side, Every Second Counts, Fury, The, Hotshot, Kung Fu Knights, Mindfighter, Muncher, The, Night Raider, On The Bench, Rockfall, Stock Car Championship, 3D, Terrorpods, Virus, Where Time Stood Still

Sinclair User Issue 78, September 1988

Barbarian, Black Knight, The, Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer, The, Diamond, Droidz, Foxx Fights Back, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Great Giana Sisters, The, Hades Nebula, Hopping Mad, Impossible Mission II, Last Ninja 2, Monetor, Mr. Wino, Octan, Overlander, Psycho Pigs U.X.B., Road Blasters, Stalingrad, Stop Ball, Track Suit Manager, Vampire's Empire, Vectorball

Sinclair User Issue 79, October 1988

1943, Alien Syndrome, Bobby Yazz Show, The, Corruption, Cybernoid II: The Revenge, Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Games - Winter Edition, The, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Gunfighter, IMBOS, Intensity, Karate Ace, Leader Board Par 3, Mad Mix Game, Metaplex, Norman, Pulse Warrior, Samurai Warrior, Skateboard Kidz, Soldier of Fortune, Space Jack, Super Hero, Tas-Spell Plus Three, Train: Escape to Normandy, The, Uridium, Vindicator, The

Sinclair User Issue 80, November 1988

Beast, The, Dark Fusion, Draconus, Fernandez Must Die, Hopper Copper, Joe Blade II, Laser Squad, Lightning Simulator, Live and Let Die, Operation Wolf, Phantis, Pink Panther, Savage, Supersports

Sinclair User Issue 81, December 1988

Advanced Pinball Simulator, Afterburner, Airborne Ranger, Artura, Batman: The Caped Crusader, By Fair Means...or Foul, Espionage, Guerrilla War, Jet Set Willy II, Lancelot, Metaplex, Motorbike Madness, Netherworld, Pac-Mania, Peter Beardsley's International Football, Pools and Fixed Odds, Power Pyramids, Powerplay, R-Type, Rex, Trivial Pursuit, Typhoon

Sinclair User Issue 82, January 1989

10 Great Games, 4 Soccer Simulators, BMX Freestyle, Computer Maniac's 1989 Diary, Double Dragon, Dragon Ninja, Exploding Fist +, Final Assault, Hellfire Attack, History in the Making, How to be a Complete Bastard, Knightmare, Krakout, Rambo III, Return of the Jedi, Robocop, Roy of the Rovers, Star Farce, Tank Duel, 3D, Techno Cop, Thunder Blade, Total Eclipse, Traz

Sinclair User Issue 83, February 1989

Aquasquad, Black Beard, Circus Games, Deadenders, Death Stalker, Flight Ace, G.I. Hero, Heroes of the Lance, Last Duel, Leader Board, LED Storm, Munsters, The, Operation Hormuz, Professional Soccer, Rebel, S.D.I., Skateball, Tiger Road, War in Middle Earth, WEC Le Mans, Xenon

Sinclair User Issue 84, March 1989

4x4 Off-Road Racing, Dynamic Duo, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles, Fire and Forget, Fish!, H.A.T.E., Human Killing Machine, Incredible Shrinking Sphere, International Speedway, Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge, Motor Massacre, Obliterator, Rombo Vidi-ZX, Spitting Image, Street Gang, Tomcat, Treasure Island Dizzy, Victory Road, Zone Trooper

Sinclair User Issue 85, April 1989

Advanced Soccer Simulator, Blasteroids, Captain Blood, Chicago's 30, Coliseum, D.N.A. Warrior, Eliminator, Fast Food, Hit Squad, The, Pac-Land, Repton Mania, Rock Star Ate My Hamster, Run the Gauntlet, Running Man, The, SAS Combat Simulator, Street Gang Football, Titanic, Wanderer

Sinclair User Issue 86, May 1989

Azimuth Head Alignment Kit, Bigfoot, Butcher Hill, Championship Soccer, Forgotten Worlds, Heartbroken, Navy Moves, Pi-R Squared, Plasma Ball, Premier II, Real Ghostbusters, The, Renegade III, Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The, Sanxion, Spy Hunter, Stormlord, Super Trux, Tank Attack, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, Treble Chance, Turbo Esprit, Vigilante, Vindicators

Sinclair User Issue 87, June 1989

Arcade Flight Simulator, Carrier Command, Games - Summer Edition, The, Grand Prix Simulator 2, Microprose Soccer, Mike Read's Pop Quiz, Moto Cross Simulator, Paranoia Complex, The, Pasteman Pat, Pool, 3D, Red Heat, Task Force, Twin Turbo V8, Zybex

Sinclair User Issue 88, July 1989

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, Crazy Cars II, Dominator, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager, Peter Pack Rat, Rick Dangerous, Silkworm, Super Scramble Simulator, Thunderbirds, Time Scanner, Times Of Lore, Xybots

Sinclair User Issue 89, August 1989

Captain Fizz, Jaws, Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death, Magnum Light Phaser, Mindtrap, Mr. Heli, Superkid

Sinclair User Issue 90, September 1989

Aaargh!, Dynamite Dux, Gemini Wing, Gordello Incident, The, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Licence to Kill, Mutant Fortress, New Zealand Story, The, Ninja Commando, Passing Shot, Starglider 2, Super Nudge 2000, Titan

Sinclair User Issue 91, October 1989

APB, Batman: The Movie, Cabal, Cobra Force, Dragon Spirit, Iron Lord, Maze Mania, Operation Gunship, Panther, Protector, Soccer Squad, The, Strider, Super Tank

Sinclair User Issue 92, November 1989

Altered Beast, Continental Circus, Die Alien Slime, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Paperboy, Planet 10, Shinobi, Sigma 7, Spooked, Thundercats, Tusker, Untouchables, The

Sinclair User Issue 93, December 1989

Action Fighter, After the War, Avon, Championship Jet Ski Simulator, Fighting Soccer, Ghostbusters II, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Myth, Pictionary, Power Drift, Purple Saturn Day, Soccer 7, Spherical, Spitfire, Sporting Triangles, Stunt Car Racer, Toobin'

Sinclair User Issue 94, January 1990

Chase H.Q., Crystal Castles, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Elven Warrior, Fantasy World Dizzy, Fist II: The Legend Continues, Footballer of the Year 2, Galaxy Force, Great Escape, The, Gregory Loses His Clock, Hard Drivin', Jonah Barrington's Squash, Moving Target, Operation Thunderbolt, Ping Pong, Puffy's Saga, Saigon Combat Unit, Shark, Shark, Speedboat Assassins, Super Wonder Boy, Thanatos, Thanatos, Triple Pack, The, Turbo Out Run, War Machine, War Machine, Xenophobe

Sinclair User Issue 95, February 1990

Black Tiger, Breakout, Coin-Op Hits, Dan Dare III: The Escape, Dark Force, Gazza's Super Soccer, Mega Mix, Moonwalker, Rallycross Simulator, Rock 'n Roll, Sailing, Star Wars Trilogy, The, Stir Crazy featuring Bobo, Story So Far Vol 2, The, Story So Far Vol 4, The, Street Hassle, Thrill Time Gold 1, Thrill Time Gold 2, Thrill Time Platinum, Tintin on the Moon, Tolkien Trilogy, The, Winners

Sinclair User Issue 96, March 1990

Arcade Trivia Quiz, Buggy Boy, Crack Down, Fruit Machine, Fruit Machine Simulator 2, Garfield - Winter's Tail, Mountain Bike Racer, P-47 Thunderbolt, Project Stealth Fighter, Pub Trivia, Snoopy, Space Harrier, Space Harrier II, World Soccer

Sinclair User Issue 98, April 1990

4th Dimension, Beverly Hills Cop, Beyond the Ice Palace, Future Bike Simulator, Guardian II: Revenge of the Mutants, Hammerfist, Motion, Rainbow Islands, Scramble Spirits, Space Rider Jet Pack Co., Spy vs Spy, Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper, Super Dragon Slayer, Zombi

Sinclair User Issue 99, May 1990

Castle Master, Dr. Doom's Revenge!, Dragon's Lair, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o'Fun, Hopping Mad, Impossamole, Klax, Knight Force, Ninja Spirit, Oriental Games, Overlander, Pinball, 3D, Pipe Mania, Psycho Hopper, Super Car Trans Am, Vikings, Wild Streets

Sinclair User Issue 100, June 1990

Astro Marine Corps, Bloodwych, Delta Charge!, Dynasty Wars, International 3D Tennis, Kemshu, Lords of Chaos, Match Day, Micro Mouse, Pro Tennis Tour, Quartet, Sly Spy: Secret Agent, Sonic Boom, Wonder Boy, World Championship Boxing Manager, Yogi's Great Escape

Sinclair User Issue 101, July 1990

Adidas Championship Football, Blinkys Scary School, Cyberball, Cycles, The, Daley Thompson's Supertest, Defenders of the Earth, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, European 5-a-Side, Head Over Heels, Heavy Metal, Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer, Italy 1990, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match, Live and Let Die, Manchester United, Raster Runner, Slap Fight, Stormlord II: Deliverance, World Cup Year 90 Compilation

Sinclair User Issue 102, August 1990

Destiny Mission, Hong Kong Phooey, Hostages, Judge Dredd, Midnight Resistance, Night Hunter, Question of Sport, A, Rad Ramp Racer, Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure, Skate Wars, Soccer Director, Super Trux, Turrican, Vendetta

Sinclair User Issue 103, September 1990

4x4 Off-Road Racing, Impossible Mission II, Mike Read's Pop Quiz, Nemesis, Night Breed, Shadow Warriors, Spaghetti Western Simulator, Super Stock Car, T-Bird, Twin World

Sinclair User Issue 104, October 1990

Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Plotting, Pro Golf Simulator, Rastan, Salamander, Satan, Subbuteo, Time Machine

Sinclair User Issue 105, November 1990

Atom Ant, Back to the Future Part II, Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax, Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz, Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur, Havoc, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road, New York Warriors, Out Run, Outlaw, Prison Riot, Professional Go-Kart Simulator, Rick Dangerous 2, Run the Gauntlet, Solar Empire, Spy Who Loved Me, The, Star Wars, Tiger Road, Turbo Cup

Sinclair User Issue 106, December 1990

Empire Strikes Back, The, Golden Axe, NARC, Pang, Puzznic, R-Type, Shadow of the Beast, Snowstrike, Strider II, Target: Renegade, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, U.N. Squadron

Sinclair User Issue 107, January 1991

Atomix, Badlands, Double Dragon, Dragon Breed, Edd the Duck, Extreme, Gemini Wing, Last Ninja Remix, Line of Fire, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Platinum, Robocop 2, Silkworm, Super Cars, Tilt, TNT, Wacky Darts, Wheels of Fire, Xenon

Sinclair User Issue 108, February 1991

10 Pack, Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation, Eliminator, Exterminator, F-16 Combat Pilot, Firelord, Gazza II, Hawk Storm, Impossaball, Miami Cobra GT, Operation Wolf, Pick 'n' Pile, Return of the Jedi, S.T.U.N. Runner, WEC Le Mans

Sinclair User Issue 109, March 1991

Dick Tracy, Huxley Pig, Last Duel, Light Corridor, The, Loopz, Navy SEALS, Quattro Arcade, Switchblade, Thunder Blade, Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats, Total Recall

Sinclair User Issue 110, April 1991

Back to the Future Part III, CJ's Elephant Antics, Double Dragon, Driller, Night Shift, North & South, Rambo III, Real Ghostbusters, The, Silkworm, Welltris, Xenon

Sinclair User Issue 111, May 1991

Battle Command, Gauntlet III: The Final Quest, Henrietta's Book of Spells, Hooray for Henrietta, Mix and Match with Maggie, Panic Dizzy, Passing Shot, Popeye 2, Predator 2, Quattro Firepower, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo, Skull & Crossbones, Slightly Magic, Super Scramble Simulator, Techno Cop, Toyota Celica GT Rally

Sinclair User Issue 112, June 1991

Dragon Ninja, Great Gurianos, Hero Quest, It's TV Showtime, Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash, Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts, Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death, Mercenary, Mercs, Panic Dizzy, R.B.I. 2 Baseball, SWIV, Winning Team, The

Sinclair User Issue 113, July 1991

APB, European Superleague, Fists of Fury, Frost Byte, Hydra, Licence to Kill, Living Daylights - The Computer Game, The, S.D.I., Shadow Dancer

Sinclair User Issue 114, August 1991

Dirt Track Racer, Famous Five 1, The, Footballer of the Year 2, Ghostbusters II, Gryzor, LED Storm, Mountain Bike 500, Multimixx 3, Mystical, Red Heat, Stack Up

Sinclair User Issue 115, September 1991

3D Construction Kit, Alien Storm, Games - Summer Edition, The, Manchester United Europe, Messenger, The, Rainbow Collection, Toobin', Untouchables, The, Vindicators, Virtual Worlds

Sinclair User Issue 116, October 1991

Batman: The Movie, Battle Command, Big Box, Cabal, Hobgoblin, Impossamole, Pit-Fighter, Protitler, Sharkeys Moll, Smash TV, Superintro, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Videomaster, Xybots

Sinclair User Issue 117, November 1991

Adventure D: Espionage Island, Chase H.Q., Darkman, DB2, Final Fight, Grandstand, Impossamole, Miami Chase, Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles, Plus-3-Mate, Robozone, Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, The, World Cricket

Sinclair User Issue 118, December 1991

Altered Beast, CJ in the USA, Dragon Spirit, Hero Quest: Return of the Witch Lord, Heroes of the Lance, Hudson Hawk, James Bond 007 Collection, The, Power Drift, Quattro Coin-Ops, Seymour Goes to Hollywood, Sky High Stuntman, Spike in Transylvania, Super Sega, Super Space Invaders, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op, Turrican, World Class Rugby, WWF Wrestlemania, X-Out

Sinclair User Issue 119, January 1992

Capcom Collection, Cartoon Collection, Chart Attack, Cisco Heat, Dizzy's Excellent Adventures, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone, Lemmings, Operation Thunderbolt, Professional Footballer, Robocop, Round the Bend!, Santa's Xmas Caper, Silkworm, Stunt Car Racer, Super Sim Pack, Superheroes, Xenon

Sinclair User Issue 120, February 1992

Bubble Dizzy, Captain Planet, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Grand Prix Challenge, Hard Drivin', Hobgoblin, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Moontorc, Quattro Fighters, Rick Dangerous, Space Gun, Stock Cars II, 3D

Sinclair User Issue 121, March 1992

4 Game Pack No. 1, Big Nose's American Adventure, Bismarck, Comando Tracer, Double Dare, G-LOC, Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road, Kids Pack, Midnight Resistance, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Multimixx 4, Neighbours, Ninja Collection, Phantis, Pool, 3D, Rainbow Islands, Shoe People, The, Soccer Stars, Space Crusade, Super Seymour Saves the Planet, TNT 2: Double Dynamite

Sinclair User Issue 122, April 1992

4 Most Balls, Boots and Brains, Devastating Blow, F-16 Combat Pilot, Fun School 4 for 5-7 Year Olds, Fun School 4 for 7-11 Year Olds, Fun School 4 for the Under-5s, International Speedway, Jonny Quest, Last Ninja 2, Picture Book, Shadow of the Beast, St. Dragon, Strider, Toyota Celica GT Rally, Tusker, Vendetta, World Cup

Sinclair User Issue 123, May 1992

Action Fighter, Addams Family, The, Airborne Ranger, Biff, Hit - Pack 1, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Midnight Resistance, Multimixx 5, Murray Mouse Supercop, Navy Moves, Potsworth & Co., Q10 Tankbuster, Rick Dangerous, Robocop 3, Soccer Pinball, Titanic Blinky, Turrican II

Sinclair User Issue 124, June 1992

American 3D Pool, Championship Run, Cricket Captain, Edd the Duck, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Lineker Collection, The, Manchester United, Microprose Soccer, Myth, Puzznic, Snare, Steg, Stryker - In the Crypts of Trogan

Sinclair User Issue 125, July 1992

Bonanza Bros., Captain Dynamo, Castle Master, Crack Down, Dizzy down the Rapids, Dragons of Flame, Grell and Fella, Hit - Pack 2, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Skate Wars, Sly Spy: Secret Agent

Sinclair User Issue 126, August 1992

Championship 3D Snooker, Cyberball, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, International 3D Tennis, International 5-a-Side, Italy 1990, Klax, Mega Sports, Night Breed, Quattro Megastars, Turbo the Tortoise

Sinclair User Issue 127, September 1992

American Tag Team Wrestling, Combat - Pack 3, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Match of the Day, NARC, Narco Police, Pro Tennis Tour, Silent Service, Sleepwalker, Super Cars, Total Recall

Sinclair User Issue 128, October 1992

Badlands, Bangers & Mash, Count and Add, Count Duckula 2, Fun School 4 for 5-7 Year Olds, Fun School 4 for 7-11 Year Olds, Fun School 4 for the Under-5s, Graeme Souness Soccer Manager, Henrietta's Book of Spells, Hideous, Hooray for Henrietta, Mix and Match with Maggie, S.T.U.N. Runner, Shoe People, The, Super Monaco GP, Wild West Seymour

Sinclair User Issue 129, November 1992

Dizzy, Prince of the YolkFolk, Super All-Stars, Wrestle Crazy

Sinclair User Issue 130, December 1992

DJ Puff, Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds, Neighbours, Superstar Seymour, Sword of the Samurai

Sinclair User Issue 131, January 1993

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, Dream Team, The, Football Manager 3, Hudson Hawk, International Tennis, Pictionary, SWIV

Sinclair User Issue 132, February 1993

Robin Hood - Legend Quest, Super Fighter, Trivial Pursuit, Wrestling Superstars

Sinclair User Issue 133, March 1993

All-American Basketball, Exterminator, G-LOC, Gazza II, Hudson Hawk, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Pit-Fighter, Robocop 2, Shadow of the Beast, Smash TV, St. Dragon, Steg, Street Fighter II, Super Monaco GP, SWIV, Wild West Seymour, Xenon

Sinclair User Issue 134, April 1993

Bully's Sporting Darts, Nigel Mansell's World Championship, R.B.I. 2 Baseball, Smash 16, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, World Rugby

Sinclair User 1984 Annual


Super Games Guide Issue 134, April 1993

Addams Family, The, American 3D Pool, Bonanza Bros., Captain Dynamo, Dizzy, Prince of the YolkFolk, F-16 Combat Pilot, Manchester United, Match of the Day, Pro Tennis Tour, Robocop 3, Silent Service, Space Crusade, Strider, Total Recall,