ACE Issue 1, October 1987

Armageddon Man, The, Athena, Dizzy, Flunky, Rebel, Rocman, Survivor, Xor

ACE Issue 2, November 1987

Draughts Genius, How to be a Complete Bastard, Hysteria, Karyssia: Queen of Diamonds, Moon Strike, Ocean Conqueror, Plexar, Rapid Fire, Renegade, Solomon's Key, Super Sprint, Tai-Pan

ACE Issue 3, December 1987

Angle Ball, Annals of Rome, Arnhem, Battle of Britain, Battlefield Germany, Desert Rats, Doomdark's Revenge, Fruit Machine Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator, Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers, Johnny Reb II, Lords of Midnight, The, Mercenary, Napoleon at War, Professional Ski Simulator, Rebelstar, Red L.E.D., Shadowfire, SpecDrum, Theatre Europe, Thundercats, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, Vulcan, Xecutor, Yankee

ACE Issue 4, January 1988

10 Computer Hits 4, 10 Great Games, 720 Degrees, Agent X II, Bobsleigh, BraveStarr, Dark Sceptre, Deflektor, Driller, Elite Collection, The, Game, Set and Match, Implosion, Jackal, Live Ammo, Magnificent Seven, The, Nebulus, Phantom Club, Slaine, Solid Gold, Through the Trap Door

ACE Issue 5, February 1988

ACE 2: The Ultimate Head to Head Conflict, Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge, Firetrap, Flying Shark, Galactic Games, Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer, Gunship, MASK II, Match Day II, Psycho Soldier, Salamander, Star Wars, Strike Force Harrier, Super Hang-On, Tomahawk

ACE Issue 6, March 1988

Andy Capp, Bedlam, Black Lamp, Colossus Bridge 4, Colossus Chess 4, Computer Scrabble, Fernando Martin Basket Master, Gryzor, Kikstart 2, Masters of the Universe - The Movie, Music Composer, Oliver's Music Box, Question of Scruples, A, Rampage, Rolling Thunder, Scrabble DeLuxe, Sorcerer Lord, Tetris, Think!, Tour de Force, Xor

ACE Issue 7, April 1988

Academy, ATF, Chain Reaction, Coursewinner, Destructo, Elite, Jet Bike Simulator, Krypton Factor, The, Light Force, Loads of Midnight, Mag Max, Moon Strike, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, Platoon, Poolswinner, Roadwars, Rommel's Revenge, Starglider, Starstrike, 3D, Tetris, Uridium, Zynaps

ACE Issue 8, May 1988

Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh, Battle Ships, Black Lamp, Blood Valley, BMX Simulator, Championship Sprint, Combat School, Druid, Druid II: Enlightenment, Frightmare, Harvey Headbanger, Ikari Warriors, Jet Bike Simulator, Magnetron, Match Day II, Overlord, Roadwars, Rockford, Room Ten, Side Arms, Super Sprint, Traz, Way of the Exploding Fist, The

ACE Issue 9, June 1988

Amaurote, Crazy Cars, Cybernoid, Glider Rider, Gothik, Head Over Heels, Highway Encounter, Karnov, Magnetron, MASK III: VENOM Strikes Back, Molecule Man, Phantom Club, Red L.E.D., Revolution, Sophistry, Spindizzy, Sweevo's World

ACE Issue 10, July 1988

180, Action Force II, Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, BMX Simulator, Bobsleigh, Crosswize, Cyberknights, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Desperado, Earthlight, Hyper Sports, Leader Board, Match Day II, Match Point, Ping Pong, Professional Ski Simulator, Soldier of Light, Steve Davis Snooker, Target: Renegade, Time and Magik, Winter Games

ACE Issue 11, August 1988

Army Moves, Batman, Bounder, Dark Side, Desolator, Hercules: Slayer of the Damned, Mickey Mouse, Mindfighter, Nebulus, Predator, Shackled, Skate Crazy, Starring Charlie Chaplin, Street Fighter, Tetris, Thrust, Vixen, Xor

ACE Issue 12, September 1988

Big Sleaze, The, Bionic Commando, Chubby Gristle, Cluedo, Corruption, Dream Warrior, Fourth Protocol, The, Fury, The, Hopping Mad, Impossible Mission II, Killed Until Dead, Marauder, Movie, Night Raider, Sherlock, Stalingrad, They Stole a Million, Vera Cruz, Where Time Stood Still

ACE Issue 13, October 1988

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Road Blasters, Virus

ACE Issue 14, November 1988

1943, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Laser Squad, Metaplex, Vindicator, The

ACE Issue 15, December 1988

Artura, Cybernoid II: The Revenge, Lancelot, Mad Mix Game, Operation Wolf, Phantis, R-Type, Supersports, Track Suit Manager, Typhoon

ACE Issue 16, January 1989

10 Computer Hits 5, 10 Great Games 3, Afterburner, Batman: The Caped Crusader, Espionage, Fists 'n' Throttles, Flight Ace, Frank Bruno's Big Box, Gary Lineker's Superskills, Giants, Guerrilla War, History in the Making, In Crowd, The, Last Ninja 2, Megaplay 1, Robocop, Space Ace, Supreme Challenge, Taito Coin-Op Hits, Techno Cop, Thunder Blade, Total Eclipse

ACE Issue 17, February 1989

4 Soccer Simulators, By Fair Means...or Foul, Death Stalker, Hellfire Attack, Intensity, Netherworld, Peter Pack Rat, Roy of the Rovers, Soldier of Fortune, Train: Escape to Normandy, The

ACE Issue 18, March 1989

Airborne Ranger, Black Beard, Camelot Warriors, Dark Fusion, Fire and Forget, G.I. Hero, Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge, Last Duel, LED Storm, Mini-Putt, Motor Massacre, Munsters, The, Operation Hormuz, Skateball, Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning, WEC Le Mans

ACE Issue 19, April 1989

Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!, Human Killing Machine, International Speedway, Obliterator, Question of Sport, A, Rambo III, SAS Combat Simulator, Street Gang, Xenon

ACE Issue 20, May 1989

Blasteroids, Chicago's 30, Circus Games, Dragon Ninja, Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles, Incredible Shrinking Sphere, Into Africa, Rebelstar 2, Soccer Q, War in Middle Earth

ACE Issue 21, June 1989

Captain Blood, Eliminator, Pac-Land, Real Ghostbusters, The, Renegade III, Run the Gauntlet, Stormlord, Super Nudge 2000, Titanic

ACE Issue 22, July 1989

Carrier Command, H.A.T.E., Mike Read's Pop Quiz, Super Scramble Simulator

ACE Issue 23, August 1989

Cheetah Sound Sampler, Music Machine, Thunderbirds, Xybots

ACE Issue 24, September 1989

1942, Bomb Jack II, Dominator, Grand Prix Simulator 2, Jack the Nipper, Masters of the Universe - The Movie, Saboteur II, Street Cred' Football

ACE Issue 25, October 1989

New Zealand Story, The

ACE Issue 26, November 1989

720 Degrees, APB, Batman: The Movie, Batty, Bomb Jack II, Crystal Castles, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Green Beret, Jack the Nipper, Monty on the Run, Paperboy, Rambo, Road Runner, Soldier of Light, Soviet Fighter MiG 29, Yie Ar Kung-Fu

ACE Issue 27, December 1989

Purple Saturn Day

ACE Issue 28, January 1990

Dragon Spirit, Hard Drivin', Myth: History in the Making, Pictionary

ACE Issue 29, February 1990

Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Chase H.Q., Double, The, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, European 5-a-Side, Football Director, Football Manager, Football Manager 2, Kick Off, Match Day, Match Day II, Microprose Soccer, Operation Thunderbolt, Track Suit Manager

ACE Issue 30, March 1990

Operation Thunderbolt

ACE Issue 31, April 1990

Gazza's Super Soccer

ACE Issue 32, May 1990


ACE Issue 33, June 1990

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o'Fun, Lords of Chaos

ACE Issue 34, July 1990

International 3D Tennis, Pro Tennis Tour

ACE Issue 35, August 1990

Stormlord II: Deliverance

ACE Issue 37, October 1990

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Klax, Monty Python's Flying Circus

ACE Issue 39, December 1990


ACE Issue 40, January 1991

Rick Dangerous 2

ACE Issue 41, February 1991

Badlands, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road

ACE Issue 42, March 1991

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, S.T.U.N. Runner,