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Martech Games Ltd
Tactical Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Alison Hjul
Chris Bourne


Alison Hjul boosts her brain power by merging minds with the ultimate fighting machine. Dare to go where no humanoid has been before with our paranormal review of Martech's Zoids. It'll blow your mind!

When first unleashed upon the universe, Zoids were the fiercest war machines ever known to civilisation. Carrying the Zoidaryans into battle from their desolate planet, Zoidstar, they conquered all known worlds... until, with imperial domination secured, Zoid turned upon Zoid.

Only when threatened by a new, more formidable fighting force from the Blue Moon - the Red Zoids, led by the audacious Redhorn the Terrible - did the Blue Zoids on Zoidstar unite under their new leader, Zoidzilla.

Into this turmoil came Earthman with a plan to merge minds with Zoidzille, infiltrate the Red Zoid city complex and destroy the indefatigable Redhorn once and for all. Bit an enemy spacecraft destroyed his spacecraft, shattering Zoidzille into six pieces, which the Red Zoids buried under different cities. The fate of the Blue Zoids seem sealed, unless Zoidzilla could be rebuilt and the wretched Redhorn destroyed.


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This oily sycophant taxis between Mines, Power Plants and City Domes, delivering raw materials and Zoidar power pods.


Long-legged and swift of foot, this Red Zoid messenger has no means of attack so it'll wander around important locations, hurtling off to get help when the enemy strikes.

Redhorn The Terrible

The biggest baddy of 'em all - the Red Zoid Imperial Leader and the Blue Zoids' ultimate target.

Mammoth The Destroyer

Roaming between the city networks, this Blue Zoid defector has ultra-sonic ears to detect signals transmitted from the Beacons.


A merciless creature, hell-bend on killing, the Spineback hangs around inside City Domes, waiting to be altered by Hellrunners.


This repugnant, yet irreplacable, reptile patrols at random, looking for intruders to satisfy its bloodlust.


By moving the cross over your target, you've opted to destroy one of the city network's eight City Domes, the powerful defensive force where androids slave away, building new Red Zoids.

Each city network also contains a Power Plant which provides Red Zoid nosh, Zoidar Power; a Mine, to provide the essentials to build Red Zoids; and a Beacon to alter arch Zoids, Redhorn the Terrible and Mammoth the Destroyer, of impending Blue Zoid attack.


Earthman has survived and ha merged minds with a small Spiderzoid. Thus, he not only controls the Zoid - he is the Zoid. Stranded in the heart of Red Zoid territory, you, as the Zoid, must set forth on your mission to recover the six pieces of Zoidzilla, merge minds with this mega machine and annihilate Redhorn The Terrible once and for all.

Your task is a tough one. The pieces could lie within any of the eight City Networks spread across Red Zoid territory.

Starting off in a valley, embedded between two impassable mountain ranges, you can use the cross on the map to trace out the route you want the Zoid to follow.


Guide your short range missiles, equipped with natty cameras, through the hills to your selected target - indicated by the red square on the horizon. But watch your step! The menacing mountains must be the enemy's most powerful weapon - you'll need to be a whizz at obstacle courses to avoid rushing headlong into them and thus disappearing in a puff of smoke...


When warned of a possible attack, don't just stick to your guns - pick them up and use them to shoot down approaching Red Zoid missiles, using this 3D grid to help you shoot straight. But be sure to zap the lot 'cos any missile you fail to hit will backfire.

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The first inter-galactic satellite TV dish? Nope - it's a scanner, a vital bit of gear since it'll scan the immediate area for crucial objects such as bits of Zoidzilla - whose reconstructions is, after all, the main reason for all this traipsing about in strange parts.

This is your Zoid's ID. It's used to identify enemy Red Zoids. When selected you simply need to move the cursor provided over the Zoid you wish to identify and all will be revealed. Now there's a comforting thought!

Every which way but lost - this direction finder will let you plot your course ... or plod your course since, judging by the rate at which the cursor moves, Zoid's hardly hungry for a piece of the action.

Gen up here on useful info such as how much ammo or Zoidar power you've got left at your disposal.

If you feel the urge to examine your surroundings more closely, use this icon to zoom in on nearby objects.

Here's your map with your position always shown at the centre. At least you won't get waylaid admiring the scenery - it's dull, dull, dull, except for the whizzo 3D views when you get into combat.

Every self-respecting earthman needs a status symbol. Use this one to check up on your ammo, damage and progress - the number of Zoidzilla pieces collected.

Earthman call home! If you're yearning to hear a friendly voice, use your radio to contact home base. You can either ask your mates to launch a long range missile against a selected target or to send a spacecraft to pick up Zoidzilla pieces.

Hit seeking missiles! At last a chance to show your metal as you use these weapons to zap enemy Zoids and other targets such as Power Plants, Mines, Beacons and City Domes.

Believe it or not, this amorphous looking blob represents your guns which are used to shoot down enemy missiles when you're under attack.

Thinks are looking up - or down, depending on the Zoid's state of mind. This squiggly line represents Zoidthought - Earthman's and his Zoid's minds merged as one. In periods of calm, it'll ease along but, when the tension mounts - see it move!