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John Hunt
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Hemmingway, Phil Morse, Frank Pelling
Chris Bourne

Having just written what you consider to be a commercially viable program, your job now is to try and sell it. With just £500 of your own, the ultimate aim is to achieve millionaire status.

Frank: Since 95 per cent of this game is question and answer; the graphics aren't really important - even so, they look good. For me, there's nothing like testing your ability to succeed in business. HIT

Ian: There are many games of this type on the market, but wheeling and dealing in an effort to make a million is great fun - especially with characters like 'Honest Harry'. HIT

Phil: While it's fun to play, the lack of originality is a big problem. And I found the virtual absence of graphics and sound tended to make playing just a little tedious. MISS