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Beyond Software
Mike Singleton
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Clive Gifford, Gary Smart, Neil Mackintosh, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

It wasn't that long since computer adventures were solely text affairs. Now there are hundreds that boast total graphics or a hybrid text/graphics name tag.

Now standards are set to rise again with the release of Beyond's Lords of Midnight - an adventure featuring a new system of graphic design called 'landscaping'. It may not be what you had in mind for gardening, but with landscaping, Lords of Midnight is able to provide some 32,000 different panoramic views. Astounding!

The adventure itself has strong Tolkien overtones. You control four characters, including Luxor the Moon Prince, to defeat the extremely evil Doomark the Witchking. The game is very complex, but always fascinating.

Apart from the landscaping system, the other feature which sets is apart from the rest is the way you control the characters and see the world through their eyes. Each of them must be guided using commands which, unlike the majority of adventures, are given to you - there's no need to search for them in the game. Each character has his own distinctive personality which colours the way each character thinks and helps to determine the options open to you as the controller.

Mike Singleton, master adventurer and renowned 'Play By Mailer' has produced a program that, with luck, will start an industry trend towards more complex plots, multi-character interaction and superior graphics. Lords of Midnight is a must for all serious adventurers... you'll find it a taxing and exciting change from the usual crop.