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David K. Marshall
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Producer: Digital Integration, 48K £7.95 (2)
Author: Dave Marshalll
One of the fastest simulation programs yet. You are in control of an F15 Eagle capable of enormous speed and a cruising speed of 800 knots. The graphics of the instrument panel are very impressive and allow the plane to be finely controlled, just as well at those speeds! A menu offer options on Landing Practice, Flying Training, Air-Air Combat Practice (and the real thing), Blind Landing, Cross Winds and Turbulence, and all this on three skill levels. An excellent MAP facility may be selected, which shows the locations of the four air bases you are protecting in the Air-to-Air Combat mode. Enemy aircraft are seen in very good 3D perspective and the dog fights are highly realistic. Definitely one of the best flight simulation games for the Spectrum with easy controls and an excellent flight manual. Overall CRASH rating 86%, machine code. Highly recommended.