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David K. Marshall
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Matthew Uffindell, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Use of Computer: 82%
Graphics: 90%
Playability: 85%
Getting Started: 90%
Addictive Qualities: 85%
Value for Money: 85%
Overall: 86%

Fighter Pilot was the first offering from Digital integration, a software house which has established itself very firmly with this and its second game, Night Gunner. We gave Fighter Pilot an overall rating of 86%, and said that it was definitely the best simulation for the Spectrum yet. Is it still?

Yes it is! Undoubtedly the best flying simulation for the Spectrum as far as I'm concerned, and it will remain at the top for a long time to come, I'm sure. Nothing I can see about the review needs commenting on - game and review stand up well to the test of time! After playing so many games and mastering them, this one still remains unmastered by me - perhaps if I played non-stop for two weeks I might be able to fly this high performance figher well. The ultimate simulation for the Spectrum.

Attention to detail, especially in simulations, is bound to make a game playable, and Fighter Pilot hasn't really been bettered on that count. Everything works and combines to make this a very real experience of flying. There's the possibility that someone, maybe Digital Integration themselves, will come up with a similar program that actually creates a detailed ground effect, but until that does happen I think the original review's comments about being the best still stand.

(Matthew) in general I wouldn't alter any of the original ratings. At 85% for playability, it rather depends on whether or not you are daunted by the prospect of learning to fly the plane, and I can see some people (like me!) being put off - but the feeling of getting the hang of flying is great fun.

(Lloyd) No, I wouldn't argue with the ratings either. In fact, I might be tempted to put value for money up slightly (85%) because this program offers loads of possibilities for enjoyment if you like simulations.

Screenshot Text

Runway to port in Fighter Pilot.