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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Eddy, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

Issue 40 (May 1987) Page 111

ROBIN: How To Be A Hero comes in three distinct parts: Egyptian Tomb, Space Station and After The Holocaust.

In the Egyptian Tomb your hero has to escape after locking himself in, the silly fool - and the museum he works for wants 24 artefacts from this tomb. Of course you can concentrate on escaping, but it would look a bit cowardly if you returned empty-handed.

Once out of the tomb, being the trainee superhero that you are you miraculously appear on a spaceship where you are the sole survivor of some disaster. This ship has gone off course and is hurtling through space. For the more cowardly adventurers there's an escape craft; the brave can attempt to repair the doomed spaceship.

In the final stage, you're an army officer in a mutant city and must find 24 pieces of a vital document. To return without them would mean a court martial. As in all the other levers there are nasties out to stop you - and your only defence is a super zap gun specially designed for heroes.

The graphics on HTBAE are big and bold, but the aliens flicker annoyingly. The gameplay is only average: though there are three distinct levels, the game is essentially the same in each.

I find HTBAH boring and repetitive as Gauntlet games go.

RICKY: Big, pretty and dull. The main problem is the oversized maz, which is too large for excitement. The decaying pineapples are quite amusing, but the novelty wears off quickly - like the rest of the game. How To Be A Hero is above the standard of Storm, but only marginally.

Then: 70%
Now: 56%


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Mastertronic's How To Be A Hero; beautiful but dumb?