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Jon Ritman
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


THE LATEST release from Artic Computing is for the 48K Spectrum and can only be described as excellent in almost every detail. Combat Zone is a version of Tank Battle, a game which can be seen in most amusement arcades. It is a three-dimensional game which has become popular the last few months.

You are the only survivor of a battle fleet of tanks. Your tank roams around a landscape made up of three-dimensional pyramids. You must confront and destroy the enemy tanks and spaceships which attack you.

The display is completely in 3D and although the game is difficult to play at first, strategies can soon be learned and you can become a crack shot.

The author has produced a display format which adheres strictly to that of the type of game you find in arcades. Everything has been finely-tuned to add to the player's enjoyment. You can even specify whether you want to concentrate in total silence.

3D Combat Zone can be obtained from Artic Computing Ltd, 396 James Reckitt Avenue, Hull, North Humberside, HU8 0JA.

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