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Graeme Yeandle
Utility: Game Editor
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


ADVENTURE games have always proved a popular part of the Sinclair software market but until now it has proved almost impossible for a user who knows little about computer programming to write one.

That has changed with the introduction of The Quill, an adventure game utility for the 48K Spectrum. The program will allow you to design an adventure game, complete with dungeons, monsters, items and treasures. It will then compile all the information into a machine code file. That means the game you obtain finally from the program will be in machine code. If that is not good enough the machine code game can then be loaded independently of The Quill program.

Each adventure can be different from the last and they can be made as easy or as difficult as your imagination will allow. With the utilities available in the package you can create a dictionary of words specific to your needs. Of necessity they will usually be a verb followed by a noun.

The package is backed-up with a well-structured manual which starts with the simple concepts of creating an adventure with The Quill. It then goes into detail about how the package is structured.

The author does no seem to be concerned how much the user knows about the package. As a final note the manufacturer does not mind if adventures created using The Quill are sold commercially by their creators. It would, however, like to be mentioned on the cassette inserts and the program.

The Quill opens a wide area of activity to people who have always wanted to write adventure games. Now all you have to do is provide the story lines to make them interesting. It can be obtained from Gilsoft, 30 Hawthorn Road, Barry, South Glamorgan and is inexpensive at £4.95.

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