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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

The final book in the series is called Computer Jargon Illustrated and is worth its weight in gold. The text and illustrations will take a child step-by-step through the language of computers. It is one of the few books which does not dodge the issue of explaining in plain English what words such as hex or POKE mean and, in some cases, how those terms developed.

It is good to see that the book is sectionalised so that high-level languages are all explained in a panel on one page. Some may argue that one page is not sufficient to explain such a subject but this book is easy to read and does its job well.

All the books in the Usbourne Series stand out because of the way the text and illustrations merge to form a comprehensive explanation of the subject being discussed. They cost £1.99 each and for the minimal outlay are excellent value. It is good to see that one company at least is trying to educate the younger and next generation in the use of computers.

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