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Chris Bourne


HAD Arthur Dent been at the launch of the Heart of Gold he might well have mistaken the Hooloovoo for a Mega Rule.

The error would have been a natural one. A Mega Rule is a clear perspex ruler, with a hint of blue, which magnifies the text beneath it.

If Arthur had been in the habit of entering listings from magazines, rather than hitch-hiking round the galaxy, he would have found it just right for helping him to read that miniscule printing and keep his place at the same time.

Mind you, he would have had to write to Dealer Deals Ltd at 20 Orange Street, London WC2H 7ED, with £2.99. If he had wanted to telephone he could have called 01-930 1612.

An ideal present for intelligent computer users everywhere... and to all those out there with an Acorn, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.

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