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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rand
Chris Bourne

Football has certainly been on the minds of most people lately, what with the recent European Championships in which England performed so, well, just so. But don't let the sad debacle which is the national team put you off Emlyn Hughes, International Soccer before it's even kicked off!

Endorsed by the squeaky-voiced ex-Liverpool captain himself, Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer is a horizontally scrolling action game with managerial undertones. You have control over all of your team members, although not at the same time. Control is passed to whichever footballer is closest to the ball, and he can perform a number of actions - run, turn, pass, shoot and the like. As in the real sport, the aim of the game is to score more goals than the opponent - either the computer or a human player. Free kicks, corners and throw-ins are all in there, as are penalties should a player fouled in the opposition eighteen-yard box.

If play is not going the way you want it, or if one of your team is injured, substitutions can be made. And, in the management section of the game, the entire look of your squad can be altered - even names changed and attributes tinkered with to form your favourite side! There are three different competitions to take part in; a league of eight teams, a knockout Cup competition and a season incorporating both league and Cupe.

There aren't a desperate amount of good soccer games for the Spectrum, except perhaps for Manchester United. Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer is a more advanced game than that, with better graphics and more enjoyable gameplay. As with most games of this ilk, more fun will be had in the long run with two players than battling against the computer which, after a while, becomes a doddle to beat.

The management side and various competitions add variety to Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and, even if aren't desperately keen on the man himself, you should find the game he's endorsed a lot less irritating.

Label: Touchdown
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape
Reviewer: Paul Rand

ALAN: In some ways I prefer Emlyn Hughes Int. Soccer to Manchester United as I feel the game is a little bit smoother around the edges. Certainly one tor the collection if you want a really good football sim.

Not quite as good as GBH's superb Manchester United, but avid footy fans looking for something different should give this one a kickabout.