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Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Chris Bourne

Spectrum, £7.95cs
Amstrad, £8.95cs

This isometric 3D arcade adventure was very nearly a brilliant game, but just fell short on a few points. It stars Jack Marlow, a rain-coated private detective trying to recover a tape recording from Bugs Malloy, a bad dude gangster.

The unusual thing about the game is that it is icon controlled for all actions - drop, pick up, shoot, walk, talk, punch and throw. Accessing them is slow but you've got interesting features like talking, which allows you to type into a speech bubble and try to get information from other characters - including a parrot.

There's a strong arcade element with lots of henchmen wandering around shooting at you. There are even twin sisters - one a femme fatale who will get you killed and the other a friend who plays an important part in solving the game. Not a game for text specialists, but captures the atmosphere well.

Not Rated