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Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Gremlin, Spectrum version reviewed, £7.99cs £14.99dk.

The world of the future is short of food, so the evil Dr A Noid has started pumping out a synthetic foodstuff that turns out to be addictive. It's down to you to confront the Doc and tell him where to get off.

Finding him involves driving around several cities in your ATV (Armoured Tactical Vehicle) collecting food and fuel with which to survive, and hopefully tracking down a special pass in each city. This pass will take you into the arena to enter a manic demolition derby where you must ram enemy cars to destroy them, and so eventually progress to the next city.

Collecting objects involves driving the ATV into a building and then leaving the vehicle so that you can wander around corridors, avoiding nasties and collecting bits and pieces that you should hopefully be able to trade in for car repairs and the like.

This is a nice idea with plenty in favour of it, but unfortunately the whole thing is poorly executed. The gameplay is something of a disappointment and you will have to be very determined to get anywhere near completing the game.


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Spectrum - Motor Massacre.