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AVP Computing
Malcolm McKay
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

These three programs on telling the time are designed both for classroom use and private study. When the program has loaded, a menu offers two options, Demonstration and Test. In Demonstration mode, the time is displayed on a clock with the appropriate words appearing below. By pressing H or M, you can advance the time in hours or minutes, and midday and midnight are indicated by flashing symbols at the corners of the clock face.

Having worked through this part of the program, you are then ready for the Test option, in which you have to enter in words the time shown on the clock in response to the question Quelle heure est-il?/Wieviel Uhr ist es?/Que hora es? Accented characters are obtained by pressing the appropriate key in Graphic mode, for example 'e' on key E. If the correct answer is typed in. the country's flag shown at the side of the screen is hoisted higher on the flagpole, and it the answer is wrong, the correct version is displayed immediately below. At the end of the test, your score out of ten is given.

These are extremely simple little programs with no frills or gimmicks, but provide a helpful opportunity for teaming to tell the time in the three languages.


Control keys: letter keys to input the answers. Graphics mode enable accented characters to be obtained very easily
Keyboard play: last
Graphics: clear clock face
Use of colour: not over-used
General Rating: useful little programs, sensibly constructed.

Not Rated

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If you've got the time.....AVP can tell you what it is in German.