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Elite Systems Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

I absolutely adored this when it first hopped onto our screens, and it remains a firm favourite even today. The slickness of the ball-worm thingy (I don't know what it's called!) you control makes the game instantly addictive, and the unpredictability of the nasty things out to pop you gives an extra boost.

The various levels include the easy forest, boiling desert and the almost impossible ice covered level. All your skills will be tested to the full. Colour oozes out of every corner, with detailed graphics in the backgrounds and sprites.

The idea is to collect balloons by bouncing along, trailing a long tail behind you. If any of the balls in the tail hits a rock or spike, or gets chomped by a Venus Fly Trap, it bursts and the tall gets shorter. Once ten balloons have been collected you go onto the next level to try all over again.

Each level gets progressively harder: gaps you have to manoeuver through get shorter and jumps get longer until you wonder how the hell you're supposed to survive! Hoppin' Mad is a classic game. It was a hit when it was first released back in 1988 and is bound (no pun intended) to be a hit again on re-release. It's packed full of action and just frustrating enough to keep you coming back for more. Get your copy today.