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Adrian Longland
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

Any game called Nuclear Countdown is bound to be a tacky little depressarama, right? Well, you're wrong! The aim of the game is to neutralise a series of nucleo cells distributed around the playing area, and you do this by simply bumping into them. The style of play is somewhere between Spindizzy and Bombscare, with a soupçon of the best qualities of both.

The graphics are great - my favourite sprites are the little robot that you control, and the lumpy power cells you absorb on your way around the complex. The gameplay is slow at first, as you discover how to work your way round the rooms. After the first few goes, though, you can sprint around, using the moving floor sections for speed, as fast as you can handle. If you run out of time the reactor in the complex explodes, blasting every pixel from the screen in a huge nuclear explosion.

This is a really good solid little game, which although not stupendously original in concept (man), is very good value!