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US Gold Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Alkatraz Protection System

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Bowling games have never been that well served on the Spectrum - I can remember loads that appeared over the past two years, but none that really made an impression. This Access attempt was programmed by the same bods wot wrote Leader Board, and in many ways it's the same game - press the joystick, let go and press it again. There's even the same little visual display in the corner showing you how you did. Trouble is, golf has courses, while bowling just has skittles. With the courses in Leader Board, there was massive variety, and indeed, we all went so far as to buy extra datasets and even extra games with more and harder courses to cope with. But in 10th Frame there are just skittles, skittles and more skittles, with only a few skittles to relieve the monotony.

The challenge, for all the fine programming, is all but non-existent, and the game is pretty dull. We gave it seven first time round (being generous, I think), but if you're interested in bowling, I'd say you were better off trying the real thing.