Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

This is the sequel to Super Sprint, which just happens to have been the first-ever looking-at-it- from-the-top driving game. (Or it would have been if everyone hadn't done ripoffs before Electric Dreams got the official version out.) This means there are four little cars driving round a series of courses, up to two of which can be controlled by players. Four would have been nice, and perfectly possible. There are spanners to collect which allow you to choose add-ons at the end of the race if you pick up enough. So far so good, but surely there's more to it than this? And indeed there is. Sprint cunningly incorporates a course editor with which you can build up your own custom courses, laden with chicanes, bridges and nasty corners. What fun, eh?

So really it's just a plain, ordinary looking-at-it-from-the-top one with a bit of extra pizazz. I used to find them fun, but not any more. Sigh. It's better with a friend, but not much.


Screenshot Text

Corners, corners and ruddy more corners.