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Voyager Software
A. Dunn
Arcade: Action
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Richard Price
Chris Bourne


CRAZY CRANES from Voyager Software has a straightforward arcade concept behind it. The player must perform the same task over and over again and, as the score builds up, speed increases and other dangers are introduced.

The screen depicts a dock crane and a loading bay beneath it. The crane's arm stretches out over the water and the player must move the hook along the arm. Ships loaded with several different types of cargo move across the screen toward the crane and the cargoes are hooked by lowering the winch.

When five items are safely stowed in the bay the next level is reached. If the player misses an item it will disintegrate on the edge of the dock. After a few levels missiles cut across the dock and sever the hook.

The graphics are drawn simply, though they are adequate given the restricted scope of the game. Like many of these repetitive games, the task can become compulsive though the lack of real variation counts against it.

Richard Price

Memory: 16K
Price: £5.50