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XRI Systems
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Utility: Music
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Bates
Chris Bourne

If you own a CASIO CZ Series synth, another XRI program will allow you to see all the voice parameter information on screen. This is really useful, as editing new sounds of your own creation require an elephantine memory for figures - or else you wear fingers down to stubs on the synth cursor buttons. The eponymous CZ Editor will also plot envelope curves for each parameter. Saves lots of time and lets you see what you're doing all the time. There's more. It comes with a voice library bank file. I could never understand why CASIO limited the voice storage to only 16. Even the larger CZ's are very limited on memory compared with their rivals. Mind you I could never understand why they put their synths out with a set of really naff voices that really don't do the thing justice at all. Life is full of mysteries! XRI's library enables you, the happy Spectrum owner, to enjoy 128 voices at any time, sending them to and from the synth individually or in blocks of 16. The whole library can be reordered to suit you, like all XRI's gear it is microdrive compatible. For a few more pennies you can buy 100's of new voices for the CZ from XRI.

By the way, did you know that the CZ can be made to talk in 4 voices at once? You didn't. Well you wouldn't unless you contrel it from a sequencer. Good fun that.

Both the multitracker and the CZ Editor will work only with the MICON interface.

The Multitracker will set you back £38.95, the CZ Editor £22.95, and the interface £49.95.

XRI SYSTEMS are at: 10 Sunnybank Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B73 5RE. Tel 021 382 6048.