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D.R. Horne
Board Game
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


IF YOU would like to learn to play chess, the Artic Computing Chess Tutor for the 16K Spectrum is a good way to start. The program starts with a visual display of the ways in which each of the chess pieces can move - only the Knight's move is a little difficult to follow. It then explains the rules and aims of the game and finally allows you to choose whether to play against the computer or to let the computer demonstrate a game based on your opening move. If you decide to play, you can choose from three levels of difficulty and the computer will display the book opening it has used at the side of the screen.

Chess Tutor is available from Artic Computing, Main Street, Brandesburton, Driffied YO25 8RG. The cost is £6.95.

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