Gary Capewell
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Blaby, 48K £5.50
Author: G Capewell
The game starts with a helicopter dashing in to rescue the title from a dreadful spelling error, CHOPPER RISCUE it says, but the chopper comes back to insert an E and remove the I. As is their wont, scientists are being entombed by radioactive waste dropped from overflying planes. You must rescue them in your (nicely animated) helicopter by shooting away the waste and making tunnels in it to reach them. Each one must be returned to the safety of the helipad before getting the next. The gun fires in the direction of travel and there's not much time. If you get hit by the falling waste you're dead. This is a very fast game, almost impossible with the cursor keys. and difficult enough with a Kempston AGF or Protek joystick. Addictive and good value. Recommended