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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rod Lawton
Chris Bourne

Grandslam's parking trouble.

Fat car park attendants make unlikely heroes, but in this platform puzzler you take control of just such a character. Your ultimate ambition is simply to get fatter and fatter until you weigh a ton (!), scoffing all the food you can without getting flattened, squashed, bitten or otherwise done in.

Twenty or so different screens contain food, useful objects and various hazards. You move from screen to screen via ladders and walkways - there's no scrolling. Neither is there any time limit, so you can tackle those hazards more carefully.

The puzzling element consists largely of observing the movement patterns of the nasty creatures out to get you, choosing the safest and most reliable routes and deciding which useful item - such as supermarket trolley, wellington boots or spanner - you'll need to tackle the next problem.

Chubby Gristle is amusing and original, but the game style itself is old, and the game hard enough right from the start to put a lot of people off. And twenty or so screens isn't an awful lot for these who stick with it.

Reviewer: Rod Lawton

Amiga, £19.95dk, Out Now
Spec, £8.95cs, Out Now
Ams, £8.95cs, £14.95dk, Out Now
Atari ST, £19.95dk, Imminent
C64/128, £9.95cs, £14.95dk, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 50/100
1 hour: 55/100
1 day: 35/100
1 week: 25/100
1 month: 5/100
1 year: 0/100

It starts out OK, but frankly it's too tricky and too old to make you persevere.


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Plays slower than the Amiga version, but detail and animation is good. Graphically however, it's old stuff.


Not enough graphics and adequate sound. Gameplay is the same as for the other versions.

Graphics: 6/10

Audio: 6/10

IQ Factor: 3/10

Fun Factor: 6/10

Ace Rating: 363/1000


The graphics and tune are good but nothing special, though Chubby's voice is quite amusing. Hardly state-of-the-art.

Graphics: 6/10

Audio: 8/10

IQ Factor: 3/10

Fun Factor: 6/10

Ace Rating: 416/1000

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 60/100

1 hour: 65/100

1 day: 40/100

1 week: 30/100

1 month: 10/100

1 year: 0/100

Screenshot Text

Amiga - That's you hanging from the chain in the middle of the screen. That apple lower and to your right is what you're after.