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Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

This is a board game for between one and four players, with the computer always taking part. Each player is given a coloured diamond marker to move around the board, a company name is entered, and the computer takes the green marker. The screen is formed by a complex grid of streets, intersections and T-junctions.

When it is a player's turn to move the computer allots a random number of spaces which may be taken, the cursor keys controlling direction, When the move is complete there is an option to build a variety of institutions such as pubs, banks, factories, houses, apartments and shops. Each construction costs a set amount and there are a limited number of each type of construction available in a game. If a player builds something, a symbol appears in the location chosen in the company colour.

Between each move a black square crosses the screen, descending one line each time. He is the rent collector, who takes the rent for each property and puts it into the bank for the player. Money in the bank earns interest, but there are also taxes to pay.

Each player starts the game with £200,000 and the winner is the first to reach a million. As soon as the game starts, players must enter their names or the computer will take the turn and start building. When a player's turn is indicated, it must be taken immediately, or the turn passes to the next player. Bumping into another player's marker will send you to jail for a period depending on the number of previous offences. Four types of game of different lengths are available.


The game takes ages to play and is very slow. Key responses are also very slow because of the BASIC. The graphics are small and not really detailed, and I found the game generally uninteresting. '

'This is a sort of computerised Monopoly game. It has four playing lengths, but even the short game is extremely long. After an hour of playing with a friend we were just beginning to make money, but that million was a long way off. It requires some practice, is above average but not very addictive, and left me indifferent as to a verdict. In some respects it is better than Monopoly, but l quite like Monopoly whereas l wasn't very bothered with this game.'

'Based on Monopoly, The City doesn't play like Monopoly, the board isn't divided into rigid or traditional properties. The graphics are not very interesting, and left to its own devices for a moment, the compeer just carries on playing and winning. Not very exciting.'

Control keys: cursors, plus prompt inputs
Keyboard play: slow
Use of colour: reasonable
Graphics: small and uninteresting
Sound: poor
Skill levels: 1
General Rating: Fair, not at all addictive.


Screenshot Text

Get in smartish with the City of the computer will monopolise the board.