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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Poor CJ, a liccle elephant, has been captured and is being flown to a zoo many miles away from his native homeland. CJ didn't want any of this and jumped from the plane, grabbing an umbrella to help him reach the ground safely (fat lot of use that would be for a two-ton elephant!). You now have to guide CJ back to his jungle home.

On his adventures, CJ travels through four levels of arcade mayhem, visiting Paris, Iceland, Egypt and the jungle before he can hear those native drums again. Of course, it's not just going to be a matter of jumping on the tube and getting off at Jungle Station - CJ has to battle his way through hordes of nasties and traverse the many devious platform puzzles before he can put his feet up (if that's what elephants do). All is not lost, as the little fellow is armed (or trunked) with monkey nuts, which easily pop off any predator.

All the backgrounds and sprites in CJs Elephant Antics are excellently drawn and coloured. The animation of CJ and the other characters is also well done and gameplay is addictive right from the start. A jolly tune brings the game to life at the beginning and goes on, and on, and on... it soon becomes irritating!

CJ's Elephant Antics is a great arcade romp packed with great graphics and addictive gameplay. And for all you fans of realism, you can make a trunk to wear while playing the game out of an old toilet roll tube and some double-sided stick tape (thank you, Nick -Ed).



Screenshot Text

That cloud is a real pain, firing deadly lightning blots at little CJ.