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John Jones-Steele
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Melbourne House, 48K £6.95
Author: John Jones-Steele
Also known as Adventure 1 by Abersoft, who originally marketed this adventure through CP Software under the the title of Colossal Caves. Classic Adventure was originally written in the 70s In Fortran and took up over 200K of memory. As the name suggests, this is the epitome of traditional D & D adventures. You must find a treasure of untold riches by penetrating a deadly complex of caverns. When the game starts you are standing by a brick building which must be entered, and where you will find a number of objects to help you in your quest. Then the entry to the caverns must be discovered. On your travels you will meet giant snakes trolls, dragon and other wierd creatures. Although requiring some careful thought, most of the puzzles presented are easily overcome. A fast moving and enjoyable adventure.