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Ocean Software Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Steve Anderson
Chris Bourne

Good grief, don't tell me that Ocean have had a change of heart and have released a game based on the Michael Keaton film, The Dream Team? (Er, not that we know of, Steve. Ed) Oh... Well, it must be an official USA Olympic basketball game, because they were called The Dream Team. (Ye... er, nope Sorry. Ed) I guess that means its a compilation then. Bah. that's no fun!

The Simpsons - Bart vs The Space Mutants
Hurrah! It's the return of the spikey-headed jaundiced youth to the Speccy. It seems like only yesterday when everybody in Britain went Simpsons crazy, whether they had a satellite TV or not...

If I remember correctly, seeing as I haven't got my back issues to hand, James reviewed the game last year and thought it was pretty darn good. But how does it shape up now? Well, it's still good fun. It took a curious route, as games go, because its based on the NES game of the same name (funnily enough), and it plays just as well. As with any NES game, there's a nice simple plot - Space Mutants are planning to take over the world by making lots of things purple, and you as Bart have to disguise the purpleness and thus overpower the Mutants. Lovely. Quite why purple was chosen is beyond me, though! (I thought it was something to do with the legendary purple people eater. Ed) The graphics are nice, Bart looks dead mischievous and it's all very colourful. There are also puzzles a-plenty, but I didn't notice much in the way of sound, so it must have been pretty crap. I liked the noise his can of paint made though, if that's any consolation.

In all - dead funky, but not really Megagame material. There's not enough variation to satisfy my cravings, as with almost any NES game. Mind you, it's still good clean fun though!

Terminator 2
This is going to be hard, but I want to try and get through this review without falling into the obvious Arnie phrases that would otherwise write half the review for me. It's going to be tricky!

James reviewed this as well, if my grey matter is in order, and gave it a good rating, but I'm afraid it's time to question his sanity!

Sure, the graphics are fabulous, the animation spot-on and the sound satisfying. I did indeed proclaim to Jonathan, "This music's quite a good rendition, isn't it?" I admit to enjoying the sound effects in the fighting parts, and laughing out loud when Arnie died. But isn't it about time that Ocean did a film conversion in a different way? (Erm, but they've stopped making games for the Speccy, Steve. Ed)

Yes, its multiple sub-game time! And to be quite honest, I've had enough of them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ever since Robocop Ocean have made their film licences in exactly the same manner! Not only that, but after the horridly easy first part you get catapulted into the much harder second part, and I'm not sure that's really a good idea. So much could have been made of this licence, I reckon it was wasted.

WWF Wrestlemania
Steroid-enhanced muscles ahoy! You too can be a greasy, sweaty bloke pretending to fight another greasy, sweaty bloke in the middle of a large square of canvas in WWF Wrestlemania. Bring along a sleeping bag and a large food supply though, I waited almost 47 days for it to load.

Now, I know Jonathan has reviewed this elsewhere in this issue, so I hope our reviews don't clash too much, but I actually quite enjoyed playing this. The sprites are really fast and well animated and the characters respond well to your movements. Having said that, when the two wrestlers get in a lock you have to waggle your joystick until your forehead bursts (or something), and I hate waggling. Worse still, if the other wrestler decks you, you have to keep hitting the fire button to get up! Ouch...

Anyway, you've got a fair few moves at your fingertips, from wimpy punches to bouncing yourself off the ropes at high speed into your opponent or standing on a corner post and launching yourself onto the other guy's head. Hours of family fun, eh? The moves you can make depends on the wrestler who you choose to play at the start. There's Hulk Hogan™, the Ultimate Warrior™, the British Bulldog™ and Captain Lard™, and they all wrestle in their own way. Captain Lard deep fat fries a cooked breakfast to try and block the opponent's arteries, for example.

Not a bad game at all, if you can forgive the multiload system. I haven't played any other wrestling games, so I can't compare them, but this was funky enough for me!

As compilations go. this is the second best out at the moment (after the Codies' Super All Stars). And in case you were wondering, don't. You might get lost.


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? Why this is called The Dream Team (see intro)

? Why you're always about five pence short of something you really need

? Why it rains heavily 'til you get home, and then stops after you've been inside for two minutes

? Why on earth I'm taking a degree in Software Engineering

? How they put the yolk in Cadbury's Creme Eggs without it all mixing up.

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The Dalai Lama looked far and wide for a heir. At last he found him, in Buxton, Derbyshire. Prince Charles was said to be very upset that he'd been passed over for a fishmonger's son with adenoids.

Bart had always wanted to be a canary. One day he even tried to climb in Tweety Pie's cage. Tweety bit him hard with a beak that was remarkable for both its colour and its strength.

Age! I woke up this morning and I though Bertie Bassett had been at work. Everybody looked like one of those liquorice allsorts with bobbly bits on. It was horrible, I hate liquorice.

Why do mothers always insist that you wrap up warm, eh? And why are warm things so blimmin' unattracive. I think we should be told..

The thing about Cecil was that he was always showing off. Even Margaret got fed up with it after a while. Luckily, John was impressed with Cecil's back bouncers and gave him a job.