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Michael Smith
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

This game is a 'remake' of Postern's Snake Pit, which was also for the Spectrum. The object is to go about the screen collecting gold nuggets. In the various corners are snakes, coiling round and round, trapped by the nuggets. Only one, a blue snake, is intelligent enough to go collecting nuggets as well, and as it does so it inevitably releases the other snakes. They do not collect nuggets, but they will collect you if you meet one head on.

So the strategy is to collect as many nuggets as possible without releasing any snakes yourself, and do it before the blue snake releases them all. Clear a screen and you go on to another one with more snakes, starting with five and going up to eight.


'The game is a very panicky one to play, especially as the snakes are very intelligent - perhaps too intelligent. They are also fast moving. Quite an addictive game where lively reactions are needed.'

'Snakes squirming over the screen is not a pretty sight, and these are very fast moving ones. I think Postern's Snake Pit looks the better game and has the better graphics, but this version is still very playable. The user-defined keys are good, and the responses reasonable, although I think the snakes have been given the edge over "you" if it toms to an argument.'

'The graphics are fairly fast and smooth, although the colours could have been better used: yellow eggs on a white background are hard to see well. Reasonably addictive. because simple, but perhaps not very long lasting.'

Control keys: user-definable, four directions required
Joystick: almost any via UDK
Keyboard play: reasonably responsive
Use of colour: average, could I be better used
Graphics: fast and fairly smooth, but very simple
Sound: fair
Skill levels: 4
Lives: 1
General Rating: An average game from an older idea, medium addictive.


Screenshot Text

Squirm and wriggle - your harmless little triangle face snake phobia in Adder Attack.