Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Level 9 Computing, 48K £9.90
Discover the fifteen hidden treasures, rescue two groups of captured elves and then try to find the cave exit through a massive complex of passages, tunnels and rooms. During this major quest you will have to kill many wandering dwarves with your axe, get a knife thrown at you, stumble across the elves crown jewels and make sure that the batteries of your light don't run out. Coins from one of the treasures may be used in a vending machine for more batteries. Otherwise its the pits! Watch out for those pits in the dark! Like other Level 9 adventures, this one is all text and very large. Locations are magically described and the keyboard responses are good. You are only allowed to carry four objects at a time, so much time and battery life is wasted transporting useful items from place to place, dropping them and then going back for them when they are needed. Recommended.