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Romik Software
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 16K

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5 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

THE AUTHORS of Colour Clash seek to persuade the players that the world has been invaded by alien paint pots and that it can be saved only by colouring in all the rectangles on your television screen with a magic paintbrush. Why that should save the world, or why the world is threatened by those rather unintelligent pots is not explained, but the player is left to surround the rectangles and avoid the pots with only a few grenades to stave off destruction.

The idea behind Colour Clash is far from original but it is an enjoyable variation on the theme. Three keyboard options are presented and players with a Kempston or Sinclair Joystick 1 can use them. Movement is, therefore, easy and the main problem is, as it should be, to avoid the paint pots and not to disentangle fingers or to stumble round lining up the brush to the exact pixel to make turns possible. There are four levels to the game, which are played in sequence and then repeated, becoming more and more difficult, so that the game provides a challenge both for beginners and advanced players.

Produced by Romik Software Ltd, 277 Argyll Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, for any Spectrum.

Memory: 16K
Price: £7.99
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair