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Elite Systems Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Chris Bourne

Fists 'N' Throttles is the tantalizing title for a potpourri of five popular programs from Elite. You can bounce down the courses in Buggy Boy or perform dramatic motorbike leaps in Enduro Racer. Those feline cartoon stars, the Thundercats, also make an appearance. If you haven't got any of the games included then Fists 'N' Throttles represents good value for money. Unfortunately, if you live in Germany, you won't get Ikari Warriors, as it was banned by the West German government (yet German instructions for the game are included in the package?).

£12.99c, £14.99d
Ikari Warriors 51/76%
Buggy Boy 53/71%
Thundercats 46/91%
Dragon's Lair 34/54%
Enduro Racer 40/92%