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MC Lothlorien Ltd
Robert T. Smith
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Lothlorien, 48K £7.95 (3)
This is a wargame for two players versus each other, you can't play against the computer. There is a master program to which various scenarios may be added, one is includded with the game, but the others will become available later. Each player is given 12 various units which he may move across the map and which include many modern equivalents that may be omitted if playing a game set in an earlier period. Like most other Lothlorien war games, each player must move all his units in turn and by one square. This makes it a long and involved game unlikely to appeal to anyone except wargame addicts. The screen is very crowded and the symbols are hard to read without practice, the graphics are slow because of the BASIC in which the program is written. Overall CRASH rating 45%