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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

(Spec, C64 and Ams; £14.99cs and £17.99dk)

Flight Ace is, as you'd expect, wriggling with flight sims, including ACE, Spitfire 40, Air Traffic Control, Tomahawk, Strike Force Harrier and ATF. Now then! ATF was a pretty amazing game, and rated huge mounds of points everywhere. It's a cross between a flight sim and an arcade game, with gripping graphics and an action-packed gameplay. You can skim the surface of the play area in the terrain-following mode, which is an exciting way of avoiding enemy radar, as any cruise missile will tell you. Spitfire 40 was something of an award winner for its graphics at the time, as I recall, and they are impressive, especially on the C64. Makes you want to grow a moustache and say "Chocks away. Ginger" and stuff like that. Check it out. Wing Commander.

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