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Erbe Software S.A.
Arcade: Adventure
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Chris Bourne

Back in the days when life was cheap and baddies were numerous, Battle Hero Redhan faced an awesome task: he volunteered to rescue Taleria from the hands of his deadliest enemies. His quest will take him deep through the dark lands into territory unfamiliar to him, and his power will be challenged by many evil beings: Glauring the fire dragon, Kulwoor the magician's Lord, and Zwolhan the Lord of the Circle of the Blazing Spheres.

In order to release Taleria, Redhan must find three 'star stones', concealed in three of the many chests scattered throughout this strange land. The chests are opened automatically when Redhan walks into them and release a mystical swirling vapour. Extra lives or a new arsenal of arrows might be added to Redhan's inventory of objects. but some of the chests release strange demons or cast wicked curses which change Redhan's physical shape for a short while. Redhan never knows what lies hidden in the chests, until he walks into them. And it's too much of a gamble not to open the chests, because they might just contain one of the precious 'star stones'.

Redhan may look pretty diminufive as he embarks on his mission, but he does have a few weapons to help him out. Six arrows rest in his quiver and can be shot at the guardians if they get too close. Redhan can also perform a superhigh jump or a running long jump very handy for bridging any perilous gaps.

The guardians manifest themselves in various forms, such as master archers, manic lancers, and knights wielding huge swords, and all of them can be killed by shooting at or stomping on them if Redhan jumps from a reasonable height onto a character 's head, then they disappear in a puff of white smoke.

On the lower levels of the mountain citadel, an even greater threat is encountered... huge tarantulas scuttle along the ground at a faster pace than Redhan, and must be destroyed as quickly as possible. Some of the spiders are more advanced than others and hurl burning fire balls in Redhan's direction. If Redhan doesn't leap out of the way in time, he is burnt to a cinder.

To make the going a little easier there are several teleports scattered throughout the citadel. These look ominous as they consist of a huge mouth lined with very nasty teeth, but if Redhan walks into one, he is magically transported to another part of the mystical citadel to face yet more perils on the rescue mission.


'Although Conquestador isn't one of the worst games I've played, it certainly isn't one of the best. The graphics are reasonable, but the game is only mildly playable and addictive. Letting your man change into an aardvark is an interesting experience, and the game, though lacking an original format, plays differently to a lot of similar-looking games. This Is .mss far from one of the best games that MELBOURNE HOUSE has produced; I hope they're not letting their standards slip, because we've yet to see the long awaited Fist II.'

'There have been so many arcade adventures like this that if is now hard to say anything nice about a new one. At first sight Conquestador looks as though it could be a really good game. Further play reveals that it doesn't go into much depth, so it isn't really much fun to play. There are only a few types of location, so once you have seen them all there isn't anything to spur you on to complete the game. The graphics are very Underwurldesque; large colourful characters and pretty backgrounds. The sound is lacking, but the spot effects are adequate. On the whole I don't recommend this game as it becomes monotonous after a short time'

'MELBOURNE HOUSE seem to have got out of the 'fighting' games rut and have, via ERBE sOFI', almost come up with a good game. The basic look of the game is very similar to all the other arcade adventures of this ilk, eg: Robot Messiah. Conquestador strikes me as being very simple to play and it contains very little to keep the player contented for very long. The graphics are large and colourful, but a lot of flicker occurs when two characters pass over each other. This happens often on any one screen. and I found the game very slow and unplayable. Conquestador represents nothing new on the software market, and is lacking in many areas.'

Control keys: Q high jump, A long jump, O left, P right, M fire, N select
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour: pretty
Graphics: cute, some neat animations
Sound: jolly little tunette at the start
Skill levels: one
Screens: around 100
General Rating: An competent arcade adventure that adds little to the genre. A cute but empty game.


Screenshot Text

Better than having an elephant's foot - why not have a whole elephant as an ornament. Squaring up to a couple of archers in CONQUESTADOR.

Our hero approaches an evil looking transporter. Step in, the teeth clamp shut and hey presto! You arrive elsewhere.