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Utility: Copy/Backup
ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

IT IS WITH due modesty that I can say that it was my series on Forth in Sinclair User which prompted John Baxter to write this tape-to-microdrive conversion program for addicts who want faster access to their language.

All you have to do is load in the Artic Forth package then type 1 LOAD and run in the converter. The converter will then do its job. First the cassette loads in a piece of code; then the microdrive saves the converted file. The process is repeated several times before the language has been saved for microdrive usage.

Following the conversion a series of three information screens are loaded. They describe Forth screen 99 which, when entered, provides eight new Forth words. Those include routines to back up screens, to list existing tape programs, to copy screens to microdrive and to erase screens.

The utility is a powerful addition to Artic Forth for a minority interest group. It shows that Forth is still alive On the Spectrum.

John Gilbert

Publisher: Zero-Plus, 7 Manor Park, Seaton, Hull HU11 5RF
Price: 7.00
Memory: 48K