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ZX Spectrum 16K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

Three games from Firefly A NEW cassette from Firefly provides a series of 16K games for the Spectrum within one program. The games are selected using a menu which appears at the beginning of the program. All the games on the cassette use the arcade format. They need skill to play but after a few turns the player should develop sufficient expertise to obtain a good score.

There are three games in the program. The first is called Traft. The player has to control a little man in a large square. Points are scored every time the player moves as an obstacle is put into a part of the square after every move. If the obstacle hits the player or the player smashes into the obstacle the little man dies. The game is a simple but neat - an original idea.

Star Storm is the second game. It is rather like a poor man's version of Asteroids, where the player's space ship must avoid the stars.

Astro-Run is like Star Storm but with better graphics. The spaceship moves across the screen, trying to dodge the asteroids which seem to appear out of thin air. Again, the idea of the game is good but the presentation could be improved.

On the whole, Game Tape One is good but the graphics could be better. The graphics characters are too small for the arcade game effect which Firefly is trying to create.

Games Tape One is available from Firefly, 48 Dorset Street, London W1H 3FH. It costs £4.50.

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