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Ocean Software Ltd
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Graham Kidd
Chris Bourne

Amstrad, £12.95,cs, £17.95dk
C64/128, £12.95,cs, £17.95dk
Spectrum, £12.95cs

Twenty two sporting events in one package - enough material to form the basis of a pretty neat armchair Olympics that should keep joystick sports fans working out well into the New Year.

Eight games are common to all formats: Basketball, Barry McGuigan's World Championship Boxing which sets you on the quest to beat Barry himself and offers the opportunity to set up the personality of your contender and train him between each bout in the lead up to the challenge fight; Jonah Barrington's Squash; the classic coin-op joystick waggler Hypersports featuring six events; Ping Pong again from the arcades, Daley Thompson's Supertest - an octathlon rather than a decathlon; and Super Soccer.

Commodore owners round off their work out with Snooker and tennis in Matchpoint, while Spectrum and Amstrad athletes take a gentle bar-room break with Pool before going their separate ways onto the tennis courts, with Konami's Tennis and Matchpoint respectively.

Game Set and Match offers a positive orgy of muscle-wrenching athletic action and represents stupendous value to anyone who prefers to work up a sweat in front of the TV rather than out there on the field or in the court. This is the only specialist, theme compilation on offer this Christmas and forms an essential, good value purchase if sporting simulations are your mainstay. Just about all the games on offer are high quality and were very well received on their first outing, but some of them do go back rather a long way...

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