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Peter S. Boulton
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


ANOTHER RECENT offering from CCS is Gangsters, a strategy game for the 48K Spectrum. As the leader of a gang in the U.S. In the prohibition era, your objective is to take over a city from other gang leaders. You start with a certain amount of money and a certain number of gangsters, and can invest in assets such as speakeasies, distilleries and casinos.

You can also use your funds for your personal protection and the bribery of city officials and must cope as best you can with unforeseen events, such as raids from rival gangs or being arrested.

It is even possible to go into murder mode and hire a killer to wipe out your rivals and a sub-plot concerning the search for the other hidden arms of the gangs is an appealing twist to the story.

At the end of a round, your monthly position is shown and you go on to the next month's tribulations, attempting to move up the player league table by increasing your income.

Gangsters is very similar to a board game, with the computer throwing the dice and keeping track of assets, gang members killed, and so on. The graphics are simple but the game is carefully-presented and there is plenty of variety to keep you playing. You can also choose from nine levels of difficulty.

Gangsters is available from Cases Computer Simulations, 14 Langton Way, London SE3 7TL, and costs £6.

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