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John Fitzgerald
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ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


IF YOU HAVE a Spectrum and you want to know about far-off places you may never have to pick up a gazetted because of a new database package called Countries of the World.

The program, for the 16K and 48K Spectrum, centres on an incredible high-resolution colour drawing of a world map. The countries can be listed and scrolled through backwards and forwards.

Each country has a code number and by referring to that number you can access its statistics, general information and a graphics representation of its position on the globe.

The detail in the program is very fine but some points made about countries are inaccurate. For instance, the program gives the capital of Andorra as Andorra-La-Viella, where it should be Andorra-La-Vella. Little mistakes like that spoil the program.

Another new release is Maze Chase. The program is in the Pac-man mould but is very addictive and difficult to play.

The manufacturer says the game has four mazes on the 16K version and 12 on the 48K. We have managed to get through only the first few mazes as the game is so difficult.

The player must eat the energy pills and lemons while staying away from the evil guardians. If a magic strawberry is eaten the guardians will lose their power and you can eat them.

Maze Chase and Countries of the World are available from Hewson Consultants, 7 Graham Close, Blewbury, Oxon. Maze Chase costs £4.95 and Countries of the World £5.95.

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