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Neil Streeter
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


ANYONE who has played Donkey Kong will find Godzilla and the Martians for the 16K Spectrum familiar. The gorilla at the summit of a series of ladders has been changed into a dinosaur which is protecting the girl of your dreams from the evil intent of invading Martians; your object is to get to the top and rescue her before your oxygen supplies run out.

You will have to be very proficient on a keyboard to achieve that aim. As the groups of Martians patrol each level, you have to jump over them one by one and when you manage to reach the next level, you will find a series of man traps which it is all too easy to fall through.

Inexpert players will find the game finishes very quickly and a major disadvantage is that you do not get extra lives but must start each game from the beginning.

More explanation about the scoring system would also have been an improvement. Nevertheless, Godzilla and the Martians will probably appeal to experienced arcade games players who enjoy a challenge to their dexterity. It is available from Temptation Software, 27 Cinque Ports Street, Rye, East Sussex and costs £5.95.

Not Rated